Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Editable Newsletter

I apologize for the low amount of posts, I've been busy growing this little boy and packing up my house. Today was the day that has been long awaited! My husband graduated from Weber State! We are now just waiting for this baby to come and we will move to a job located somewhere... it's so fun/exhilarating/frightening to change what we've known for close to 8 years but it's an adventure that I'm ready for.

Thank you for your emails/comments, we are doing just great, but at the end of the day, I'm just so tired that I just don't want to be downstairs on the computer. So thank you my loyal companions/readers/downloaders/sharers you have been a support to me!

Thank you so much for stopping by, for the pins and repins, for the comments, for the purchasing on Etsy. This blog has helped me find who I am, my family and my talents. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me
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