Thursday, August 30, 2012

General Authorities Notebook Tabs

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I saw a similiar idea over on Sugardoodle; however,  (no offense to person who made them) they were uneven and I knew it would drive me crazy so I made my own and I've been using these in my own organizing. I love collecting quotes and these little things are amazing for keeping everything organized. I have the same quote both with the author and with the topic. I also use them when I study the talks afterwards, much like my scripture journals but I guess conference journal. And I thought I'd share them with General Conference around the corner, to get you jump started on ideas for it. I thought that they would be fun for a journal, playing games to learn who's who,  or playing a review game afterwards. And where would we be without choices :) Don't forget I love comments!! :)

There are 2 sets, the minis (2x2) and the large (3x3), either download includes all 15 General Authorities, and 4 choices of what they look like.

Colored with black background-

Black and White with black background-

Colored with white background-

Black and White with white background -

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BFF: The Red-Headed Hostess

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Week 2 of our BFFs is upon us!! This week I've decided to feature a gal that is truly inspiring not only in my scripture studying but in many others including her own students. That's right this week is: Shannon at The Red-headed Hostess. She has been so incredibly blessed with the ability to teach about the gospel in such a way that anyone can follow her and what's she's talking about. If you haven't checked out her available printables do so... they include maps for the Book of Alma, how to get the most from your scriptures, starting a scripture journal, and so much more for helping you and your families get the most out of the scriptures and teaching. She even has created scripture journal "outlines" if you will for purchase!!
Go check her out and enjoy!
Normally I will be sharing photos, but I really couldn't share just a few, you must see what she has to truly appreciate the hard work and dedication this gal has to everything she does for her students and for us!
So go for a visit and stroll around!!


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Monday, August 27, 2012

Singing Time: Mad Scientist

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This has been a long time in the making, but I was finally able to finish one song and will be completing others. Feel free to requests songs that you would like me to make up.

Ones that have been requested: (there will be a link for the ones that are completed)
Choose the Right
If the Savior Stood Beside Me
I Wonder When He Comes Again
My Heavenly Father Loves Me
I Hear the Savior's Voice
Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
Book of Mormon Stories
Give Said the Little Stream
Popcorn Popping
He Sent His Son
Scripture Power
Beautiful Savior
A Child's Prayer
When I am Baptized
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
Love is Spoken Here
I'm Learning the Ways of Jesus
My Blessings

NOTE: Test the baking soda to vinegar ratio BEFORE church so that you know when it will overflow. It really will depend on how big your cups are and how much vinegar and baking soda you have.

Keep the Commandments

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

September Visiting Teaching

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LDS,ORG September 2012 Visiting Teaching Message

What a beautiful message September's message is. I just love President Monson, his stories and his smile. This quote is no exception to what a truly magnificent man he is!

and I couldn't leave out the other quote that I loved.

Have you seen any random acts of service lately?
The other day as I was going grocery shopping, I was leaving the neighborhood and I saw my bishop and his son lawn mowing and weed whacking a member's home when they weren't home!! I volunteered our house next, he just laughed.What a good example our bishop is!!

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Piquing My Pinterest #7

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You know when you've had a really crummy day, your kids' are sick, a whole pitcher of grape juice tumbles onto the carpet in slow motion, or you had a bad hair day... and someone comes up and knocks on your door, EEK!!! (go away go away goes through your head), the doorbell rings (hurry grab it before the baby wakes) you answer it with purple stain on your shirt and your hair all matted.. and there stands one of your good friends looking perfect but in her hands is a gift for you to cheer you up, and suddenly your day isn't all that bad...
Finds from this week are all about that small gift that can make someone's day, whether it's a get well or a thank you, we've all had them. I know I have!!


1)  Now I want some lemonade, raspberry lemonade! So cheap and easy, Queen Bee has even included a printable with the sayings on them!
Queen Bee and Me

2) 46 little thank you's like: "Thank you, you're one smart cookie! (attached bag of cookies"
The Craft Patch

3) Get well with candy ideas
It Will Change Your Life

4) Wouldn't this be a fun card to get if you were sick as a kid?
5) Little thank you gifts (do you have thank you cards or small gifts stashed in your car for the last minute "thank yous?)
Does anyone know what happened to Tip Junkie? My browers aren't opening anything from that site.

6)The paper looks more Christmas-y but you could totally change the paper for any time of the year! LOVE this idea for cookies, easy and recycled!
A Thousand Words

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Friday, August 24, 2012


Yep you heard that right!! A giveaway!! And better yet, I'll be letting you choose what you would like to win.
The new David Archuleta cd, Begin!! LOVE by the way, highly recommended.


 a really fun mommy and kid friendly goodie bag from Seagull Book ($20 worth!!)

Here's how to enter: (8 ENTRIES ALL TOGETHER!!!)
REQUIRED: Become a follower or a Fan on FB and leave your email (1 ENTRY) - will be verified, please comment which one (follower or fan) :) thanks!

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-Start following on Pinterest (1 ENTRY)

-Answer this joke: Why did the farmer name one pig "INK"? (1 ENTRY)

-Where would I love to go on a cruise to? (1 ENTRY) -answer is somewhere on the blog :)

GIVEAWAY ENDS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST, 10 AM MST!! Winner for both drawings to be announced that night!!

* YOU CAN ALSO SEND ME A MESSAGE/EMAIL IF YOU DON'T WANT TO POST blogs/links and emails onto the comments!

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Anything is a blessing

I am still choked up after what has happened to me today. Has this happened to you?
Photo Source:
Today I went shopping for a surprise dinner for my hubby (NOTE TO HUBBY: yes I did have a plan for dinner even when you asked me, hehe-evil laugh) and after the boys and I got back into the car, there was an elderly gentleman trying to start his car. You could tell by his dress and the state of his car that he was not by any means, well off, and was struggling to make ends meet. I asked him if he needed help. He said, "I could use a jump." I said, "sure", so I moved the car a space over for the cables, he pulled out worn out and duct taped cables. After 10 minutes or so no such luck starting the car. He came over to  the car and said, "Sorry I'm so frazzled, my daughter just called saying her grandmother passed away." My heart dropped for this poor man. For an additional 10 minutes, with two baking boys in the back seat, we waited..... After another few minutes, with his head low, he unhooked the jumper cables. And without a started car, I asked if he had someone he could call. He said he just lived up the street and he'd walk and come back for the car later. I handed him a warm water from the trunk, with tears in his eyes, he said, "thank you, for your help young lady." and off he went.
Photo Source:

As I was driving home, I couldn't help feeling guilty that he was walking in the heat and I was driving in my not quite working air conditioned car. I would have offered him a ride had I not been by myself with my two boys, but I still felt guilty. I do know; however, that this moment of the man's tear filled eyes giving me a heartfelt thank you for warm water from my trunk will indeed stick with me for a long time.
I also saw another man sitting on the corner by the exit from the store. He held a sign that said, "Anything is a Blessing."
There's my humbling moment for the day. I've never been comfortable giving the men and women on the corners money so today I've decided to assemble a few kits to give out to those that are in need. Whether it be a water bottle, a toothbrush, and few granola bars, or $1. Anything is a blessing.
Would you care to join me? In blessing the lives of those less fortunate than us.
Here's a list of items that I thought would be good to assemble into a gallon bag and give out.
Don't forget "Anything is a Blessing."

Soap- liquid or bar
Comb or Brush
Shaving cream
Sunscreen (summer)
Hat(summer/ winter)
Shampoo and Conditioner
Comb or brush
Bottled water
Hand sanitizer wipes
Kleenex packs
Granola bars/Trail mix/ Crackers and cheese/ Apple/ Yogurt Raisins (really anything that doesn't require heating or refrigeration)

What would you have done? Would you have given the elderly man a ride home? Or the man on the corner, what would you do?
Any other ideas to add to the list?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

September Sharing Time WK 1 September Sharing Time WK 1 - We are blessed when we keep the commandments

Every time I read this lesson, I kept thinking about a Mormon ad where a cockroach is in a cake or some other type of dessert. And I thought wouldn't it be fun to build your own cupcake as you share the commandments that we have been given, that we are blessed when we obey the commandments.
And as we "build" our lives around the gospel and obey the commandments the happier we will be because we have made good choices. And of course where would we be without printables?
I've had these two goodies downloaded for some time now, my son LOVES paper piecing. Both are freebies however this one from Money Saving Mom is not in color, so you'd have to either color them, have your kids color them quickly before church or just leave it.
Or there's this AWESOME one from Vol. 25, this in full color; however, prints out just a bit smaller than other one.
To make it easy, you could also write on the pieces of cupcakes, the "good choices" in obeying the commandments are
And you'll need some bugs of course. (download below) with some of the "bad choices".
Have all the pieces lying face down on a table or up on the board and let kids start picking some out, when a  bug gets picked. Ask the kids how they woudl like to eat a yummy cupcake with bugs in it? Not good, and that's how we feel when we make bad choices we feel bad. But if we are able to partake of the blessings of the good choices and trust in Heavenly Father, we will receive many more blessed and be happy.

Not tickling your fancy? Well then... here's a few more places to check out to make your own lesson: (these are object lessons for keeping the commandments)
The ever amazing Sugardoodle.
Here's an FHE lesson from Deseret Book but could easily be adapted.

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Attention all crafters, scrapbookers, sewers, mommies, and everyone!!! 

Just Simply Christmas


Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? Maybe not hanging up stocking or putting up the tree but are you thinking about it? GREAT!! Andi from SassyGirlStudio and I are starting a new idea!

There's a TON of themes to join in on!! Come take a peek and see what themes there are and promote your own blog and your talents!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby 72 Hour Kits

This summer with all those fires that sprang up here in Utah, I checked and double checked our kits to make sure we had what we needed. I was amazed at what we were missing. So here's a list for a baby. I'll be doing other ages as well!

-It is suggested to have 1 gallon per day for a person, however we're talking about a baby here. They need more water. Between washing bottles, formula, cereal, keeping the baby clean to avoid illness, it takes water, it's better to make more than you think you'll need then not having enough.

-Diapers, I added cloth diapers, because what happens if you run out of disposable and you can't get to a store or they are closed because of a power outage. A baby's gotta poop whether or not you have a diaper on him.

-I included disposable place mats only because you don't know where you'll be eating. I've seen them at both Walmart and Smith's by baby food and bowls, Target also has them.

-Now I know I put formula, even if you're nursing, pack it... reason... you don't know what will happen.. heaven forbid if something happened to you, the baby's gotta eat. For formula, pack the dry. Some sites say to pack the liquid, but  those need to be refrigerated, I don't know about you but I don't see a working fridge on the corner. You may be out of your home, and to keep that formula safe for your baby it needs to be in the fridge. If you are wanting to carry the liquid purchase the 8 ou bottles, they are sealed and would be safe, they do tend to be more pricey.

-For the bottles, to minimize the water storage needs, using bottle liners would do well only because you can chuck the liner and the bottle is still clean instead of having to wash the bottle each usage. But for those that don't mind don't forget your bottle brush and some dish soap.

-For hand warmers, we have the brand HotHands, and they seem to work well. We take them camping and our 4 year old loves to put them in his sleeping bag. We have 4 in each of our kits.

-You can also ask your pediatrician for samples of formula, lotion, soap, etc. (they're usually pretty generous)

-Small toys: linky toys, taggie blanket, stuffed animal

-Ziploc or Grocery bags will help contain mess. Between dirty diapers and clothes, you'll want them somewhere away from the clean stuff.

-For the picture/info/ and allergies, heaven forbid if something happens and you can't be there to give this information. Include a recent pictures, I'd try and take one a month and update it. Info includes the "driver's license" (birthdate, height, weight, eye color, hair color) info, you could also do any distinguishing marks (birth mark, mole, etc) And any allergies or medical needs they might have. You could put all that on the back of the picture

-Don't forget to double check and rotate wipes, they do dry out. 

Here's a tutorial on making a makeshift carrier just in case  :)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love and Handouts

Thank you all so much for all your love, the blog world is truly an amazing place to be and share creativity. Thank you for your requests and just your thanks, they mean the world to me. They encourage me and keep me lifted to continue doing what I feel is a calling, a fun calling at that.
I am going to be making a HUGE change. Doing handouts from each Primary manual every week is exhausting and I'm not sure how many of you can actually use them. So I'm going to be taking requests for specific lessons/manuals, which means I'm willing to do RELIEF SOCIETY AND YOUNG WOMEN handouts again!!!!
I know that it will be an extra effort on your part but I feel like I could be much more useful making the "fun" stuff and filling up the blog that way, then just being worn out doing only handouts all the time. So please...make your requests for which handouts you would like and I'll make them up. 

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Friday, August 10, 2012


Please comment, I would love to know how you help inactives, whether large or small.... thanks!!

The last little while I have been thinking a lot of about the kids in my class that are inactive. * I have 8 that come on a pretty regular basis but if I had the inactives come I'd be almost close to 20 maybe just shy of that* I've been thinking of a way to not be too pushy but also to let them know that I'm thinking of them and missed them. Some of them I don't even know (would that be too forward to just go to their house and meet them?), but I still feel it's important to let them know who I am and what I'm doing. What do you think?

Any input would be appreciated because I'm still baffled but I am going to give this a try and see how it goes.

I made up a "newsletter" if that's what you want to call it. Basically the recap from the lesson and the challenge for the week. And a huge thank you to those that gave their input on Facebook about the inactives!! What I'm going to do is include an activity maybe coloring or a wordsearch, something fun, for 3 weeks I'll just mail it with the number card included each time (let's face it, one will not be enough). And then for 4th or 5th week I'll go visit.
Does that seem reasonable? Or would that be too much?

DOWNLOAD NEWSLETTER (sized at about 4x6 to easily fit into an envelope)

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birthday Cards

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!!! I wanted to share my day with you! I made some cards for you. I'll share my favorite one first, ISN'T IT FUNNY! All the cards are 4x6.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

*NEW* Exclusive FB Fan Freebie

I have something so exciting!! I've decided to give all your Facebook Fans and extra freebie that will NOT be available anywhere on the blog!!! It will be available until the end of each month. This month it's a file folder game!!! Cool right!?!?!

Here's a preview:

Interested? Go to the Facebook page then "like" the page. Then go to the box that says "Monthly Fan Freebie" and click on the preview and download from 4shared. That's it, easy!
Don't forget to download now before the end of the month. It's gone after that!

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Blessings Without Asking

Ran across this today and love this quote. It's always a wonderful reminder to know that we are truly blessed without asking for them.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2013 Presidency Binder Cover 2

DOWNLOAD ALL HERE (pres, 1st and 2nd counselors, secretary, chorister, pianist)

Please let me know if you would like any others :)

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2013 Presidency Binder Cover 1

As I said yesterday, I'm back!!! It was wonderful to serve in a stake assignment but it was so hard to keep up with the blog and handouts while I was working with the stake. But no more tears, I'm back with some brand new and shiny binder covers for next years Primary theme! I would recommend getting these done at a printing location. On a home printer unless you can get rid of cutting of margins some of the cover may be cut-SIZED AT 8.5X11.

DOWNLOAD ALL (includes president, 1st and 2nd counselor, secretary, chorister, and pianist) if you need any others or if you teachers would like this design please email/comment/or FB me) ***BLANK ONE AND 3RD COUNSELOR NOT INCLUDED IN DOWNLOAD ALL!
OR you can download them individually:

Please let me know if there's any troubles downloading! ENJOY!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm BACK!!!

Hello to all of you again! :) Guess what? I'm back!!!! I apologize for my absence, between my Primary calling and a few Stake assignments I was just really overwhelmed with everything. But this last weekend was the Stake activity! Which went off amazingly and we achieved a lot as a stake. My little baby (the one that I showed pictures of when I had him is turning 1 this coming weekend!!! Not sure where that time went but went it did!! For those that have emailed, I am catching up on all the emails and hope to get your requests out soon. Thank you all so much for all your support and waiting for a busy time in my life, I'm just so tickled to be back!
I thought a wonderful place to start back up would be with the 2013 Primary Themes!!! The theme is..... I am a Child of God!!! How fun! So I hope to be able to post calendars, and a couple themes by the end of the week :) Have a wonderful day!! We're off to house-sit really quick and renew my license YIPPEE for birthdays and license expiring!

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