Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2017 Monthly Posters ALL-IN-ONE DOWNLOAD

I finally found the time to pull all of these sizes and posters together for the ultimate time saver in downloading.
Now you can download any size of all 12 of the monthly posters!

Please note that the JPEG folders are for taking to Costco/Walmart and printing as pictures, if you are not doing this the pdf files are best. Each pdf file is quite large so please be patient as it downloads. All sizes are available when you click the "download here", each file is named for what size is in each. Please email if you have questions.

Enjoy and please leave a comment, I love to read them and they make my day. Everyone wants to know that their work is appreciated. Blessings to you in your 2017 prep!

Need these posters in Spanish? Come download them HERE!

2017 Primary Classroom Name Door Signs

Check out these other door signs if you'd rather not put names and just the class name.

Included in this download are the standard classes, "A" and "B" classes for other classes including combined/numbered/etc or adding a ward name, VISIT HERE.

When you follow the "DOWNLOAD HERE" below it will take you to the Dropbox window. It will ask you to sign in but you do not have to sign in or sign up. You can either 
1) click on the upper right corner "Download" to download all the sizes in the folder or 
2) click on the individual files for the ones you want.

{Sharing Time} Prophets prophesied about the birth of Jesus Christ

Last month I was asked to create the weekly theme posters a little more in advance to able to use in both Primary and at home so I will be continuing it because so many of you emailed. So thank you for taking the time, you're the best readers a girl could ask for!

For this week you'll just need to raid the Primary Manual pictures. I've included links for an easy download if you'd rather just print them.

You will need:
Nativity (Primary 6-50)
Isaiah (Primary 6-49)
Nephi (Primary 4-18)
King Benjamin (Primary 4-21)
Alma (Primary 4-23)
Samuel the Lamanite (Primary 4-42)

You'll also need a box (big enough so the pictures aren't scrunched)
If you can't find one from your holiday shopping to borrow, the Post Office has flat rate boxes that don't cost anything that will fit these perfectly. 
And some wrapping paper. Put the picture of the Nativity inside the box and tape it. (The Savior is a gift to each of us) Wrap the box. Loosely tape one of the pictures of the prophets to the top of the wrapped box. Wrap around the picture. Loosely tape, wrap, loosely tape, wrap until all of the prophets are used and you can't see any of them and it just looks like a wrapped box.
(You could also just do 5 separate boxes for each of the 5 prophets but for sanity and arm sake I like this idea better)

Have a child come up and unwrap each layer then discuss the scriptures with each.

(Sorry no printables for this week, next week though!)

Here's a couple other ideas from last year and a few years past both work great and just give you more ideas.

For this week I really wanted to get the kids thinking about Jesus and about His birth. And about the prophets that prophesied that He would be born. Included in this lesson are the prophets-- Isaiah, Nephi, King Benjamin, Abinadi, and Samuel the Lamanite. Each prophet has 2 poster puzzles. One is about the prophesy and the other is just a "pondering/journal" question to get them thinking and sharing what they know and believe.

I'm sure that there are a lot of ways to use these poster puzzles (each puzzle is about 8x10) but here's what I was thinking. Each puzzle piece has a question/answer style to the pieces so you could 
1) put one piece of each puzzle on the board then go through and discuss the one side and then have the kids either look for the other piece because you've hidden it or bring out your sticky darts and have all the pieces on board. 
2) pull out your hamster ball/gift box/bag and while playing a Christmas song, the kids each take out a puzzle piece (10 puzzles = 20 pieces) then when everyone has a piece, let them find their match.
Then letting them read their scriptures and see if they know the answer.

Materials Needed:
- Tape/Sticky Tack

I love what's in the manual, using the scriptures to learn about prophesies of the birth of Jesus, but I wanted to add in a little something fun!

Cut out the pieces of the nativity puzzle. On the back of each piece write a scripture reference in the manual.

1) Isaiah 7:14; 9:6
2) 1 Nephi 11:14-15, 20-21
3) Mosiah 3:5-8
4) Mosiah 15:1
5) Alma 7:10-12
6) Helaman 14:1-3

Lay out the puzzle out on the floor (with space between each) with the picture side down. Divide up the classes into 6 groups, have one child from each group come up and toss a beanbag to see what scripture each group gets.
Let each group have some time discuss/share what the prophesies were and explain/share anything that you want to about each prophet. (how long before Christ's birth did they prophesy? - printout below the puzzle) Then come hang their piece onto the board.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2017 Classroom Door Signs

Included in the download are standard class, "A" classes, and "B" Classes. If you need different classes or you would like to add your ward name, CLICK HERE.

Want signs to put the teachers and kids' names? Come get the download this way!

When you follow the "DOWNLOAD HERE" below it will take you to the Dropbox window. It will ask you to sign in but you do not have to sign in or sign up. You can either 
1) click on the upper right corner "Download" to download all the sizes in the folder or 
2) click on the individual files for the ones you want.

Monday, November 14, 2016

2017 Assignment Cards and Wristbands

I've had a bunch of emails asking if this stuff is free, yes it's free! I know that you can find all this stuff on different sites that cost money (sometimes not very cheap either) and I have been doing free stuff for a few years now. I was asked what you can do to say thank you, I love comments and emails they make my day and just take a few minutes. I would also appreciate it if you'd share on social media to get the word out.

I have also added the weekly topics in THESE ASSIGNMENTS CARDS each page is marked so you know which month and which topic is which week easily.

Friday, November 11, 2016

November Sharing Time Week 2

This month is seriously a favorite of mine and this week is no exception. I am in an institute class learning about the Savior and His life, it's amazing and I'm learning SO much. This picture is one that I will always remember and love.

This week's outline is such an amazing idea and I love it so much and so for this week I am sharing a bookmark that you can handout to help the kids remember why we partake of the sacrament.

2017 Monthly Scripture Posters

These posters coordinate with the monthly theme posters that you can also download for free. Thank you so much for your support with these!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2017 Large Bulletin Board Banner

Thank you for your patience in getting 2017 material out, I will be posting a bunch more. You can see everything made/will be made for 2017 Primary HERE.

I LOVE how this turned out and I hope you enjoy it too. Each letter has a different design. I have sized it to fit on those really big boards that are about 6 feet long (72 inches).
What would you like for your bulletin boards? More bulletin board printables coming very soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Sharing Time Week 1

I've had a lot of requests for the posters of each week in advance so that they can be used as reminders at both home on the fridge and up on the board at Primary so I've made all 4 this week just in case I don't have time to make them later on.

I'm so excited to be able to find the time to get a sharing time in for this week! I'm sharing one of my favorite stories of all time from the Friend all about reverence and butterflies. I see a lot of questions and a lot of suggestions for helps with reverence in Primary.

We ALL have this problem ladies never fear, children are children and we must take that into consideration. May I give one piece of advice to you as a Primary teacher to a Primary Presidency ( I have also been in the Presidency), if you want more reverence in your Primary, be reverent yourself. The kids watch you and see your example. If you are sitting in the back chatting about the teachers that are missing or who has a birthday (SEE! I know what you talk about back there, I was there too!) they will also be more apt to chat with their neighbors. However if they see that you are involved in the lesson and the singing you will see a difference in their reaction. Now this won't solve everything with the reverence of your Primary but I know from personal experience it will help. This article has helped me SO much when facing reverence concerns both in my family and with those pesky boys. "Respect and Reverence".

I love this story and share it often with my own boys and they each have butterfly in their Sunday bag/scriptures to remember. And now I want to share with you some ideas to use when sharing this beautiful story.

1) Create hanging butterflies with the cut-outs provided below. Using an embroidery hoop/coat hanger/ceiling, ribbon (this is a LOT easier) or fishing line, cardstock, and a small hole punch (If using fishing line, a pin is easier to work with so you don't have a big hole).
Hang these up at the front of the room at different intervals so they look like they are flying. This can be just a visual aid or you can also put them on shorter ribbons making them into necklaces- laminate them for durability- and let the kids pick one as you see them being reverent

2) Cut-outs/laminating sheets, clothespins, and hot glue gun
For this one, cut and laminate the butterflies. Attach clothespin to them using the hot glue. As you see children being reverent clip a butterfly onto their shoulder

3) A one inch circle paper puncher, blank sticker sheets, 48-1 inch butterfly sticker sheet. 
This one is my favorite because it's so easy and if you share the story and it's meaning the butterfly stickers are a great reminder and a small thank you to the kids for being reverent.

Did something else with the printouts or stickers? Share your idea by commenting below!

Download includes:
-6 large butterflies
- sheet of 1 inch circle stickers
- Weekly Poster

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