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October Editable Newsletter

Thank you so much for your patience! It's been a crazy week!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Nursery Schedule and Roll

I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to the ladies on the LDS Nursery Leaders and LDS Primary Choristers for a lot of the ideas you find below. Join these groups on Facebook for help and inspiration.

Gathering Activity
This is the play that we do the first 15-20 minutes of class to get some wiggles out and to get the rest of the day set up. For parents to sign in their kiddos and bathroom breaks. We have a bathroom just down the hall and just for nursery. It is marvelous! The gathering activity should be as independent as possible, but a leader should be there to supervise.

Wash Hands/Clean up
One leader will take the kids (2 if you've got a large nursery) to wash hands while the rest of us will clean up the gathering activity and will be setting up for snack/scripture as well as singing time and for the lesson. We are going to have these all in different parts of the room.

Snack and Scripture
Scriptures for Each Lesson Printouts (coming soon!)
These are just simple scriptures to go along with the lesson.

Snack Ideas
*please remember to ask parents to fill out this paper so you know if there are any allergies in the class.

We give each of the children a snack in either a coffee filter, a cupcake liner, or just a napkin. It just depends on what it is and how "contained" it needs to be. Put a table cloth down to minimize the clean up. Have the kids clean up their own mess and take it to the garbage. If you use sippies, have a small bucket with a picture of a sippie cup on it so you can just take it home and wash them. 

- Muffins
-Tortillas and peanut butter
  (again check for allergies)
-Mixed Fruit (or any canned fruit)
-Cold Cereal
-Graham Crackers (plain or with frosting)
- Yogurt Chips
-Cheez its
-Teddy Grahams
- Cheese sticks

Singing Time
This the beginning of our circle time. We put the "hard" felt sheets down on the floor and those are our seats. It is here that we do singing time and our lesson.

Song Suggestions:

Prop Suggestions:
Egg Shakers (plastic eggs with beans/rice glued shut)
-Could also use baby food jars
Spray Bottle (mist for Rain is Falling)
Picture of Prophet on Yarn necklace
Bells on Pipe Cleaners around wrists
Fly Swatter 
Tree and Seasons 
Red Felt Hearts (Jesus said Love Everyone)
Star Wands (I am like a Star)
Family members on popsicle sticks
Yellow paper plates with center cut out (Sunbeams)
Temple pictures on popsicle sticks
Blue ribbons on shower rings (Give said stream)
Frowny/Smiley Face

Here's some comments from choristers:

Heather F. "I have a list of songs we sing every week (all from the children's songbook, but mostly wiggly songs) and we sing them in the same order. We do lots of actions but always end with I am a Child of God sitting down with arms folded before they start their lesson. I don't like giving them things like shakers or pictures because it doubles or triples the time involved and the kids get upset about giving them back or getting the wrong color."

Brenda C.  "There is a poster on the wall in my nursery with titles of several suitable songs. It is helpful to glance at when I need to modify my plans."

Abbey B. I've started doing is asking questions as we sing like "where did the wise man build his house" "how many monkey's are left". " can you beat me in head shoulders knees and toes" they love to shout out answers!

Katharine D. "I have bags with props for songs in them and let the kids chose the bag, take the props out, hand them around to all the kids and then we sing the song. I put all the props on craft sticks. 

Roseanne K.  "Just keep it active and fun. Props do work best, but you don't have to have a ton of them or spend a fortune. I find success with letting the kids PICK songs in creative ways. Starting and ending the same way with the routine helps too."

Lesson/Story Time
We make a tentative lesson schedule with each lesson being 2-4 weeks. Each lesson is so broad that you can do SO much with it. Story Time for us is from The Friend: For Little Ones or telling a scripture story using flannel pieces made from the Friend Scripture Characters.

Lesson Helps and Activities (coming soon!)

Free Play
This is "free play" in the sense that they can play and just use their imaginations with the toys that we have in the Nursery room, but it's not a free for all. Each child goes and picks 1-2 toys and then we play with those and just "rotate" them and share. It's just easier this way so there's less to clean up instead of having every toy known to Nursery out on the floor. The kids also help with the cleaning up.
While the kids are playing, we set up for the game/craft/activity. 

This can be as simple as taking a walk outside (we have one of those rope things with handles that works great to go explore), a game like duck duck goose, bouncing a ball around, or playing a "tag" game. Crafts and Activities, could be a coloring page, painting activity, or a craft.


Roll and Papers going Home

While we are setting up for Nursery (we are the second ward to meet so we can't go early), parents take their kids to the bathroom and then come and write their names on these cute little clips. These are for 2 purposes. 1) Roll, when someone comes from Primary to take roll they don't have to interrupt the play and can just look at the board to see who is in Nursery. 2) These are laminated and  hot glued to magnetic clips found at the dollar store (kitchen aisle) and put into a bucket out in the hall on a table with a dry erase marker so they can put their child's name then any papers/projects are just clipped to their clips so there's no shuffling of papers at the end of nursery.
Names are then just erased and put in the bucket so that the kids can choose a different animal the next week.
Also on the papers/projects, make address label sheets with each child's name so instead of having to write each name each Sunday you can just slap a label with their name on it already and put it on their clip.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nursery Supplies, Activities. Recipes

The Dollar Store will seriously become your BEST  near best friend. There's a treasure trove of supplies that are cheap and good to have on hand for these cute little tykes.

 Nursery Supplies
  1. Plastic table covers (use for sensory bins, painting projects, etc) these are perfect to minimize the mess but not the play.
  2.  Parachute (DIY - $6, Amazon) and plastic balls (find at Target/Walmart in the toy area, Amazon) - you could also just use a flat sheet!
  3.  Scissors (adult and child size! DSS- won't cut hair)
  4.  Stickers (Smilemakers -this is probably the LOWest I've seen stickers priced for, cheaper even than $ store), Oriental Trading, Amazon)
  5.  Paint (DSS-Colorations - my personal favorite! 11 colors (16 oz) for $22!)
  6. Paintbrushes (DSS)
  7.  Crayons (DSS)
  8. Gluesticks (DSS, Amazon)
  9.  Playdough (Homemade, DSS, Edible)
  10. Cookie Cutters (DSS, Amazon)
  11. Pom poms (Crafts and Gathering Activities)
  12. Googly Eyes (Craft projects)
  13. Pipe Cleaners (Gathering activities or crafts)
  14. Popsicle Sticks
  15. Koolaid packets (these are great to go in place of food coloring) or gel food coloring (AMAZING, works better than normal food coloring and a little goes a long way)
  16. Paper bags ( Crafts)
  17. Feathers (Crafts)
  18. Foam sheets (Crafts)
  19. Construction Paper (DSS, Amazon)
  20. Yarn (Crafts)
  21.  Hand Sanitizer & Hand soap ( $ Store)
  22. Kleenex
  23.  First aid kit (bandaids, antiseptic wipes)
  24.  Paper towels and paper products
  25. Sponges (these are great to use for clean up but also as fun paint applicators and Glue Sponges)
  26. Disinfecting Wipes
  27.  Sippie Cups (take these home each week and wash - cheaper in the long run than paper cups)
  28. Dry Erase Marker (handy for sippies and name tags)
  29.  Labels with names of kids (instead of writing the name on each paper, have a sheet of return address labels with each child's name)
  30. Grocery Bags (these are great for if parents have an explosion/accident and need a bag for dirty clothes)
  31. Cupcake tins (these are great for paint, googly eyes, pom poms, beads) ($ store usually has them)
  32. Sweeper Vacuum (THIS is the one I have)
  33. Play Tunnel (Amazon)
  34. Wipes (for face clean up/dress clean up/hand clean up)
  35. Flannel Board 
  36. Chalk
  37. Inflatable Ball (great for outside group play)
  38. Glitter Glue (a good alternative to regular glitter, best avoided HUGE MESS)
  39. Contact Paper (Activities) Laminator and sheets (to keep the things you want, great for singing time stuff or your schedule)
  40. Tape/ Painter's Tape for roads on the carpet
  41. Clock and extra batteries
  42. Bubble Machine/Bubble Gun
Things to Collect (ask your ward members to save and bring in)
  1. Baby food jars 
  2. Milk jugs
  3. Pie pans
  4. Boxes (Cardboard, Cereal)
  5. Aluminum Foil
  6. Egg Cartons
  7. Button down shirts ( paint aprons, put these on backwards on the kids so they don't get paint, messy stuff on their Sunday clothes)
  8. Paper towel/toilet paper tubes
  9. Tissue paper
  10. Clothespins
  11. Plastic Easter Eggs
  12. Yogurt Containers
  13. Containers with lids (cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, etc)
  14. Milk Caps
  15. Oatmeal Canisters (hot cocoa too)
  16. Ketchup Bottles (great squeeze bottles!)

Gathering Activities
This is an activity that you can do for the first 15-20 minutes to let the kids have some free play while parents are dropping off. These should be as independent as possible, but make sure a leader is there  to supervise or ask a parent to stay and help if you don't have enough leaders yet.

Please note that some of these activities are for older nursery children, pick activities that are appropriate for your ages.

Blown up balloons to play in
Parachute and balls
Marshmallows and toothpicks
Books (go to DI or check out yard sales)
Lacing Cards (laces/shoe string/yarn)
String and Buttons/ Beads (large)
Playdough and Cookie Cutters
Paint Bags (could also use gel and food coloring so it's cheaper)
Balls and a Basket ($ store)
Pipe Cleaners and Strainer ($ store)
Sensory Bins
Container/Cup Stacking
Paper Dolls  (these are from the Friend it's a good mix of boys and girls)
Pompoms and tweezers
Fruit loops/cheerios and spaghetti noodles in playdough "stand" 
Fall leaf Scatter (packs of leaves $ store) let kids throw/play in leaves
Duplo Blocks (these are my own and I bring them in)
Wooden Blocks (My own bring them in)
Geo Tracks and Cars (Bring in)
Flannel Board and Figures
Pool Noodle Lacing
Painter's Tape Roads and Cars

Let's Craft and Play!

How to dye rice (sensory bins)
Yogurt Painting 
(plain yogurt/vanilla pudding and gel food coloring)

2016 Primary Presidency Planners

The new year has been announced and that means a new planner!!
This year the pages are the same as previous years, available both in splash of color or black and white pages. This year there are 3 covers to choose from!
New this year is a coordinating yearly insert so it all matches!

Each planner is just $3.25, this includes
- 5 covers (one for each of the presidency and a blank just in case you have a 3rd counselor or 2 secretaries)
- a yearly insert
 -an extra printing page (this page allows for the page needed so that the monthly calendar pages will both open up facing you instead of having to turn the page),
- a 2 page monthly layout for everything that you need and a handy reminder of the month's theme up top
- 5 "extra" sections so you have the space if more is needed than what's on the 2 page layout. (Opening Exercises, Notes, Monthly Visits, Cub Scouts/Activity Days, and Expenses)
- Tabs (set with the months, and set with the sections so you can organize it the way you'd like)

Yellow Stripes Cover

Red Swirls Cover

Colorful Paisley Cover

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Primary 7, Lesson 35: The Mission of Jesus Christ

I've really been looking forward to this lesson because it's so broad that you can really pick any events of Christ's life to go over. These are the ones I've chosen to work with for the activities.

(Below is included in download below the handout)

1) Earth (Premortal Life)
   - Who created the Earth? How did He know what to do?
   - Who volunteered to be our Savior?
   - Whose Plan did you choose? Heavenly Father's or Satan's? How do you know?
   - Why was it important to be able to choose to come to Earth?

2)Birth of Jesus and childhood
     - Who was a prophet in the Old Testament that prophesied of Christ's birth?
     - What peopel did Jesus as a boy teach in the temple? What did He say to Mary when they found Him in the temple?
    - What trade id Joseph teach Jesus how to do?

3)Calls His Apostles/Organizes His Church
    - What were the first 3 apostles' names?
    - What did Jesus say to the fishermen? What does "fishers of men" mean?
    - Is the Church today different than it was when Christ was on the Earth?
   -What happened to the Church after He died?

4)Jesus is Baptized
    - Why was Jesus baptized?
   - Who baptized Jesus?
   - What came to Him as a dove after He was baptized?
   - How are we baptized today?

5) Teaches and Heals
    - What power did Christ have that allowed Him to heal those afflicted?
    - Why did He heal people?
    - What do you think it would have been like to be taught by the Savior?
    - Why was it important for Jesus to teach His people?

6) Suffers and dies for our sins
     - Why was it important that Christ suffer in the Garden of Gethsemane?
     -How can He truly comfort us when we are having a hard time?
     - Why did He die for you?

7) He is resurrected
    - Why was Jesus resurrected? What does this mean for us?
    - Who was the first person to see Him resurrected? Who were the first people to touch Him?
    - What did Christ ask the apostles to do after He ascended into heaven?

8) He visits and teaches the Nephites
     - Christ let each person come up and touch Him, why do you think He did that?
     - What did He do with the children?
     - What did Jesus teach them about?
     - What do you think it would have been like to be there when Jesus visited the Nephites?

9) He restored His Church through Joseph Smith
    - How old was Joseph Smith when he first saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father?
    - What did Joseph Smith translate?
    - What other things were restored through Joseph Smith?

10) Leads and Guides His Church today
       - Who is the current prophet that speaks on behalf of the Savior?
       - How can we know that he is the true prophet?
       - How can we get a testimony of Jesus Christ and all that He came to accomplish?

Primary 7, Lesson 34; Feed My Sheep Primary 7, Lesson 34: Feed My Sheep

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Primary 3, Lesson 35: Temples and Eternal Families

Time to bring in your Ipod/tablet, put some Children's songbook music on it and bring it to Primary. Play a game of Hot Potato, Penny Penny, or maybe even stop and go. Oh or musical chairs (put one of the ways on each of the chairs then when the child sits that's the thing they talk/share about.)

Primary 3, Lesson 34: We Can Pray to Heavenly Father Primary 3, Lesson 34: We Can Pray to Heavenly Father

Bring in some paint and a plastic tablecloth. Let the kids finger paint prayer rocks! You can easily add Dawn dish soap to acrylic paint if you are worried about paint being washable!

Pic source:Blooming on Bainbridge

I've been thinking of what other handout/journal page can be done for the younger kids since they can't really write down and answer the journal pages by themselves, so here's something I'd like to try.

Want to play a game?
Try Prayers are Answered Candyland!

You can use these to ask questions, hide the puzzle pieces or put them in a box for the kids to come and pick one out. These each fit on a printer paper size.

Friday, September 11, 2015

2016 Chorister Covers

I fell in LOVE with this graphic and knew I needed to make a new cover to grace some binders so here's 3 choices to download! (Chorister Planner coming soon!)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Primary Classroom: Difficult Behaviors

Please note that these ideas are not for disciplining your class but to only encourage participation and positive reinforcements when they make good choices.

-While teaching, walk over to child and just lightly squeeze/tap their shoulder, they will know why you did it.
-When a child has a good day, call them or send them a card to simply say that you are proud of them.
-Talk with parents and see if there is something you can do to help the child to be an active participant.

One key to establishing good behavior is to create a list of expectations of the kids. It's easier for them to behave well when they know what is expected.

Assigned seats - this is an easy thing to do

Bead System - give each child a pipe cleaner (attach their name with masking tape) every time you catch them doing good behavior they get a bead.

Using a large plastic jar, have the children earn marbles, pennies, tokens, tickets,etc

Ways to earn?
-good behavior
-bringing scriptures
-helping take things to the library
-being kind to others
completing challenge/journal page from previous week

Make a puzzle
Class earns the puzzle pieces each week to complete the full puzzle.

Hidden Picture
Blow up a Hidden Picture from the Friend. At the end of class, let those that had good behaviors find and color an item in the picture.

Reward Ideas
You can have rewards for the whole class or for individual kids.
Teacher dresses crazy (funny hats, dress, glasses, gloves)
Class outside
Yummy Treat next week
Short game at end of class
Craft next week
Object lesson
Sit by friend (this would be great if you have assigned seats)
Help teach during next lesson
Pick a prize - Oriental Trading has great bulk items for cheap.
    -Sticky hands (72 for $8.25)
    -Bouncy balls (50 for $12.99)
    - Small Toy Assortment (100 for $14.99)
Pick a Sunday to be a board writer

50 ways to get kids' attention
Here's some fun attention grabbers:

Are your kids just a little fidgety?
Here's some different toys to try to keep their hands busy (each of these I have personally and they have helped with our Primary significantly! We are currently using them with children on the Autism Spectrum as well as just those kids that need some energy out)

Spiky Balls -rule: they can't throw or bounce them 
These are especially great with the kids that need the sensory aspect. Playing with these helps to calm them down from being overstimulated. For my own son, this is one of his favorites. Singing time is one of the harder times for him because the kids are laughing and being for loud.

Water Wigglies (these are the perfect size for small kids hands 5") or Water Wands (these are a about a foot and we've found that they can be more distracting than anything)- these are just relaxing to watch and you can have the kids change hands to keep their hands occupied.

Tangles - these are AMAZING! We purchased the set of 3. These are just a continuous loop that you can twist and manipulate and are seriously lifesavers!

Water Bubbler - this is probably the one that the kids take turns with each Sunday for us. They just love watching it.

Here's some websites to check out for ideas on different behavioral problems that you may face.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I show love for Jesus Christ when I keep the commandments {Sharing Time}

As I was thinking of ideas for this week, my boys were playing with a couple boats making them crash together and shooting--because they're pirate ships, didn't you know!-- And I remembered this article from President Monson and loved the analogy. So.. here you go!!

Print out the supplies for a boating trip.  DOWNLOAD at bottom of post! (Lesson/description below included in download)

Why does Heavenly Father give us commandments? Because He loves us and wants to help us make good choices so that we can receive blessings. Today it might be harder to make good choices because many bad things are disguised as good things. President Monson has reminded us what we can do,
"The Lord has prepared us. If we heed His words and live the commandments, we will survive this time of wickedness --- a time which can be compared with the waves and the winds and the floods that can destroy. He is ever mindful of us. He loves us and will bless us as we do what is right."

Today we are going to go on a boat trip to keep the commandments. What sort of things can you find on the boat and to keep you safe? There's also something on land but is very helpful to see if you're coming into the harbor safely (lighthouse).

Then discuss and compare each of the cut-outs with what they represent. Have kids come pick one, or you can also easily hide them in cute sailor hats (DLTK-Kids).

 - Safety ring- Parents/family/teachers
- Compass - Scriptures
- Steering Wheel or an Oar - Prayer
- Lighthouse- Prophet and Apostles
- Waves - Satan and temptations
-Anchor- Jesus Christ
- Sturdy boat/ship - Faith

Here's a coloring page from the Friend to go along with the boat idea.

(right click and save)

My Gospel Taboo would also be a very fun game to play for either of these weeks. They go along with the Gospel Standards. Or there's also some posters/cards, you can find them HERE.

(use coupon GSTABOO for 10% off through Saturday 9/5)

Safe at Sea Printables
*the boat is large 16x20 but is cut into 4 pages so that it's large enough for everyone to see.
Please remember this is for your own personal use. Do not sell or alter.

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