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January 2017 Monthly Poster

I absolutely LOVE how this poster turned out! What do you think? I love comments!

Available in 11x14, 8x10, 5x7, 4x6, and a sheet of 4
* the 5x7 and 4x6 are available as jpegs to send to print as a "photo" or in pdf format to print at home

To download any of the sizes click the download here below. This will take you to a Dropbox page where you can pick and choose which sizes to download.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

{CTR} Primary 2, Lesson 30/31: I Can Be Obedient

Yes, I am creating this one for both lessons because I started doing my ideas for 30 and at water aerobics my friend mentioned that that it sounded like an idea for the next lesson. When I get home behold it is similar so I'm doing this for both lessons and you can decide how you'd like to use them.
This was actually one of the first lessons that I had when I was first put in Primary about 10 years ago!

When we are obedient, we show that we love and respect those we are obeying.

Photo source
~Create a fence enclosure using craft sticks, hot glue gun, and foam board (optional- but handy)
~Bring in plastic animals (most party supply stores have them), stuffed animals, beanie babies etc.

What does this fence do? Why do we use fences? What could happen if an animal gets out of the fence?

Fences protect us and animals from the dangers that are outside of the fence. When inside the fence, it is safe. Just like the fences, Heavenly Father has given us commandments to help us choose the right and when we obey those commandments we will be kept safe from the dangers outside of the fence.

Materials Needed:
~Coloring utensils
~ pair of scissors for each child
~ Glue sticks for each child (optional)
~Construction Paper (optional)

Print out a fence and animals for each child. Let the kids cut out each and glue onto the construction paper.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

{Sharing Time} Reading, Watching, & Listening to wholesome things keeps my mind clean

Introduce the doctrine: Show the children two glasses, one with dirty water and one with clean water. Ask the children which one they would rather drink and why. Tell the children that our minds are like the glasses, and we should put only clean and good things in them. Write the following sentence on the board, and have the children say it with you: “Reading, watching, and listening to wholesome things keeps my mind clean.” Consider teaching the children simple hand actions to help them remember the sentence. For example, for the word reading, put your hands out like you are holding a book; for the word watching, point to your eye; for listening, cup your hand around your ear; and for mind, point to your forehead. Repeat the sentence several times, substituting the actions for the words.
Encourage understanding: Show the children a picture of Jesus Christ with children, and ask them to look at it for a few seconds. Cover the picture and ask the children to tell you details they remember about it. Help the children understand that we remember the things we see. Explain that when we fill our minds with good things we also think of good things. Show the picture again, and have the children sing “I Feel My Savior’s Love” (CS, 74–75). Ask the children to share how the song makes them feel. Explain that listening to good music helps us feel the Spirit and keeps our minds clean.

I LOVE the part about having them sing the song and I've created a poster with one of my favorite paintings of the Savior and I have included the lyrics underneath because let's face it, it's an AMAZING song!

"Consider how we use our time in the choices we are making in viewing television, playing video games, surfing the internet, or reading book or magazines.... Some things are better, and others are best,"
Elder Dallin H. Oaks

This handout -- in my opinion- is worth to print for each child or family to 1) remember the lesson 2) have something tangible to decide what is good/bad. Everything on this handout word-wise has been taken from THIS Friend article, I just wanted to make it more towards the game with the ice cream and be more friendly to the printer.

This week takes me back to my own youth and a Mormon ad that was in the New Era. Do you remember it?  Awe... 2002..... (back to reality)

Even after 15 years, I still remember this ad and I wanted to create a game/printables around this ad.

Would you eat a bowl of ice cream if you knew that there was a bug in it? Would you keep eating the ice cream if you discover a bug in your ice cream after you've already started eating?

Probably not! Why? It's still ice cream!

(write responses onto the board)
We don't eat bugs
Bugs are gross

Today there are many good things to watch, read, and listen to, but there are also many bad choices. We must be careful about what images and thoughts we allow into our minds because we remember the things that we see. When we fill our minds with good things we have good uplifting thoughts.

How to play the game:
Printouts (print on sturdy cardstock)
White crayon
Permanent Marker
Acrylic Paint
Dish Soap
Paint brush

After printing and assembling the game board (16x16 when assembled) using the white crayon cover each ice cream heavily with the crayon. Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part dish soap (1:1 is fine too). Paint over the ice creams. Dry completely. Mark each ice cream 1-10 with your marker in order or scramble them up.

Please note that this game will take some of your own creativeness in creating the scenarios. I have included 7 of them. There are 4 "bugged" ice cream and 6 good ice cream. The bugged can be scenarios of things that we shouldn't be doing. I have numbered them in order but you can easily scramble the numbers all over the board.

I think it's really important to touch on pornography (please don't delve into it, as it's the parents that need to fully explain. Here's some Friend articles that can give you ideas on how to go over it .
Crash and Tell -- this Friend article has some great internet safety tips that would be perfect to go over,
Finding Help -- talks about talking with parents after seeing things on the tv
Oh No! Now what? -- seeing inappropriate images, gives things to do now.

Staying Media Smart
1. Always ask a parent for permission before you use the Internet or watch TV, and use computers or televisions only in an open area of your home, within the view of your parents.
2. Go only to Web sites that you and your parents know are good for children. Ask your parents to set your TV and Web browser to block bad content.
3. Don’t be afraid to leave the room or ask someone to turn off movies, video games, or music that makes you feel uncomfortable.
4. If you have a page on a social-networking Web site, ask your parents to help you make sure that people you don’t know can’t see your page.
5. When you are on the Internet, don’t give someone you don’t know personal information like your name, address, or phone number.
6. Don’t send someone you don’t know a photograph of yourself.
7. Never agree to meet in person someone you “met” on the Internet. If someone asks to meet you, tell your parents.
8. Don’t give anyone your passwords.
9. Don’t open an e-mail from someone you don’t know. If you get an e-mail you’re unsure about, check with your parents.

Included in the download:
-Weekly Theme Poster
-Savior Picture/Song
- Ice cream and bug checklist

For your reference and study:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

{Sharing Time} Living the Word of Wisdom shows respect for my body

Encourage understanding: On one side of the board write “Commandments” and the following scripture reference: D&C 89:7–9, 12, 14, 16. On the other side, write “Promises” and the following reference: D&C 89:18–21. Have half of the children read the first set of scriptures and look for commandments the Lord has given us in the Word of Wisdom. Have the other children read the remaining scriptures and look for blessings He has promised us if we obey. Discuss what the commandments and blessings mean.

Encourage application: Invite one child to say, “I will live the Word of Wisdom by ______” and fill in the blank with something he or she will do to live the Word of Wisdom. Then invite another child to repeat the phrase and the first child’s response and then add his or her own response. Ask a third child to repeat the phrase and both of the other children’s responses and then add another response. Repeat as time allows, with each child adding a response.

As we have learned the last couple of weeks, this week is no different. We are given our bodies as a precious gift from a loving Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father wants us to take care of our bodies.
Each day though we are faced with temptations that could harm our bodies so Heavenly Father has given us some information to help us make good choices in what we eat and put into our bodies. This is called the Word of Wisdom.

I have included printables for the ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING section so you can have the kids come up and write on the board the different things that they find for each section.

What has the Lord commanded us not to take into our bodies?

The Lord has commanded us to not use wine and strong drinks, meaning those that contain alcohol.
The Lord has also told us that tobacco is harmful to our bodies and our spirits. These are found in things like cigarettes and chewing tabacco.
We have also been told not to use hot drink. The leaders of the Church have told us that this means coffee and tea which both contain harmful ingredients.
We should not use drugs unless they are prescribed by a doctor. Many drugs when not used correctly can do more harm that even alcohol and tobacco.

For this game you'll be playing a "guess what it is" type of game with different clues. Bring in a fly swatter/ sticky darts/ bean bags etc so the kids can guess what the clue matches!
I have included image links for each of the clues. You will need to save/print each. You can also easily create your own clues and cut out images from magazines/grocery ads.
Scatter them on the floor face up (if you would like to talk about the food pyramid you can make one using painter's tape on the floor then put your pictures where they go on the pyramid then play your game.

1) A baked good make from dough. Most of us buy this at the store already sliced and ready to use. Typically used to make a sandwich. (Bread)
2) A fruit that grows in bunches on a vine. Can be used to make a juice. These are used to make raisins when they are dried. (Grapes)
3) This dairy product is made using the milk of animals. There are lots of kinds and many of us put it on a lot of things, like pizza! (Cheese)
4) A vegetable that grows in the ground and is the color orange. It has green leaves at the top. It's a favorite food of rabbits! (Carrots)
5) A dessert sometimes used for birthdays. A treat usually just for one person. They are sometimes decorated with frosting and sprinkles. (Cupcakes)
6) This protein comes from a bird and is used in many things. We sometimes eat these at breakfast or decorate them for Easter. (Eggs)
7) This fruit is a favorite during the summer. You can find them with black and white seeds in them and they are VERY juicy. You eat the red part but not the green! (Watermelon)
8) This vegetable grows on a stalk and is a bright yellow when it's ready to be picked but you can't see the yellow because it's covered by a green husk. Sometimes in the fall, farmers create mazes with them to go through. (Corn)
9) This meat is from big bird that can't fly. We usually have it during the month of November. It's a common lunch meat to find on your sandwich. (Turkey)
10) This is a popular breakfast food. Sometimes people add yummy fruits to it. We can either eat with a bowl and some milk or eat it for a tasty snack. (Cereal)

The activity above I think is more geared towards Sr. Primary but I'm sure some of the clues you could use in Jr. But I've made up a fun little printable you can use in Jr. Primary.

Bring in some crayons and let the children color the things that are good for their bodies. I have included some "junk" food so you can talk about that a little bit.

Another thing that you can talk about it the food pyramid. Talk about each section and why each of these are important for our bodies (here's a great article about why it's important)

As I was looking on for different articles for this week. I found this BEAUTY of a quote by President Monson. And I created a poster for you!

Included in the download:
Weekly Theme Poster
Fun activity for Jr Primary
President Monson Quote

For your reference and study:

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2017 Primary Presidency Planners

It's done you guys!! It's taken a better part of a week but I've finally gotten them done and everything loaded and ready for you to begin your planning!

From now until September 1st get these for 50% off!!!


For those that have been using these for a few years now, I have changed a few minor things but for the most part everything is the same. Many of you asked for the calendar to be a little bigger so I've done that. As well as adding a little more color to the Splash of Color Pages.

I have also included a talk by Vaughn J. Featherstone that seems to be talked about ALL the time in getting Primary workers so I wanted to add it in to boost your spirits.

Enjoy and I wish you the best of luck planning your new year. Thank you so much for all your support over the last few years while creating these planners and printables!

Here's your options available.

Are you a doodler during those fun early morning meetings? (raise hand--GUILTY) Color and doodle your own cover!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 29: I Can Say I'm Sorry

Demonstrate with each of the faces how our feelings play into saying sorry.
When people hurt our feelings how do we feel? (SAD)
Why do we try and hurt people sometimes? (Because we're MAD)
How do we feel after we say we are sorry? (HAPPY)

Then play a "Hide and Seek" game with the S-O-R-R-Y Letters.

Friday, August 12, 2016

{CTR} Primary 2, Lesson 29: I Can Be a Good Example

One day a group of people followed Jesus onto a hill by the sea. Jesus began teaching them how making good choices will help them to be happy. One of the things that he told them is to help teach others by setting a good example. (Read the Matthew Poster together)

How can we become examples and let our light shine?
~ We can speak with respect and by keeping our language clean and be kind with our words
~ We can serve others, be kind to those that are lonely or sick
~ We can be forgiving of others and be grateful
~ We strive to be modest in our clothes
~ We think of good thoughts
~ Listen to our parents and follow their counsel
~ Read our scriptures and study the gospel

Thursday, August 11, 2016

2017 Yearly Poster

The new theme has been announced! Check it out and be on the look out for all the stuff to download!

As I was thinking about this year's poster and I was thinking of something that has a direction and my husband suggested roads. Roads are full of different directions to go and I loved it. So here we go.

I am hoping to have everything out for 2017 by October so you have plenty of time to plan and utilize what I offer.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see for the next year let me know and I will add it to the list.

Thank you so much for all the support you have given me for the last few years as I have created material for you! I love it and have enjoyed doing it year after year learning along with you as we teach the Primary children around the world.

Would you like this in another language? Let's do it! All I need is you to translate it and we'll get it up and posted.

 The download link below will take you to a Dropbox link where you can download any of the sizes that you need.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

{Valiant} Primary 4, Lesson 29: Nephi Prophesies

After coming back to his home in Zarahemla from preaching the word of God to the people in the North (he returned because the people rejected the word of God and because the Gadiaton robbers were filling the judgement seats and making laws that were wicked and were laying aside the commandments of God)
Because of the people's wickedness Nephi was filled with sorrow. He knelt in prayer and poured out his soul unto God on his garden tower. Many people saw him praying there because it was by a busy road. As they were passing by, certain men saw Nephi as he was praying, they ran and told the people and the people came in multitudes to see why Nephi was so sad. When Nephi finished praying he saw all the people gathered by him and asked if they were there so he could tell them of their wickedness. Nephi tells the people that they must repent. Nephi then points out how the people have turned from righteousness to extreme wickedness. Nephi warns the people that if they didn't repent their lands and homes would be taken away by their enemies and the Lord wouldn't help them fight because of their wickedness. Nephi tells the people that they are even more wicked than the Lamanites because they knew and were taught the commandments but rebelled against them. He tells the people that if they do not repent they will be destroyed.

Some of the people that were gathered by Nephi were some of the appointed wicked judges. They became angry and said to the people: "Why do you not seize this man that he may be condemned for this crime?" The judges were angry because Nephi was speaking about their own wickedness. The judges also asked the people: "Why do you allow this man to revile against us? We are powerful, our cities are great, and our enemies can have no power over us."
Some of the people agreed with the judges but others began to believe what Nephi was saying was true and said, "let this man alone for he is a good man and these things will surely come except we repent." These people knew that he was a prophet or he could not have testified of things to come.

The other people wanted to kill Nephi were compelled out of fear and couldn't lay their hands on him, and Nephi spoke to them again. Nephi reminds the people of the prophesies of  prophets of old like Moses, Abraham and Isaiah, and how they had the power of God with them. So why wouldn't Nephi be able to have the power to prophesy.

 A lesson that Nephi is trying to teach these people is that the Lord does inspire His prophets to know the things which others do not know.

Nephi then tells them of their own chief judge that he will be murdered by his brother and he will then sit as chief judge.  Five men ran to the judgement seat to see if Nephi was correct. These five men say that if in fact the judge is dead that they will believe the things that Nephi was telling them. Finding the judge dead, the men believed and fell to the earth in fear and astonishment. 

The servants of the chief judge saw that he was murdered and went to the people and the 5 men were accused of the murder and were cast into prison. On the morrow the 5 men were brought to the judges and said that the chief judge was dead when they had arrived. The Gadianton judges said that Nephi had plotted to murder the judge so that he would then be called a prophet. Nephi was arrested and brought to the judges and was asked who his partner was in committing the murder, the judges tried to bribe Nephi with money and his release. Nephi calls them fools and asked how long the Lord would allow for them to continue in their sins. 

Nephi prophesies again!
Go to the house of Seantum (the brother of Seezoram-chief judge) and ask him if I (Nephi) agreed to help murder his brother.
He will say nay, then ask him if he murdered his brother. Seantum will stand in fear and will not know what to say. He will act astonished and declare that he is innocent. Look him over and you will find blood on his coat. He will pale and look as if he were dead. Tell him that you know he is guilty because of his face. He will become more fearful and confess to the murder of his brother. Seantum will then say that Nephi didn't know anything of the murder unless by the power of God.
You will then know that I (Nephi) am an honest man sent from God.

Everything that Nephi had said would happen did and the five men and Nephi were set free.

Here's a video of the story of Nephi Prophesying:

What do prophets do for us?
Heavenly Father us given us prophets to watch and warn us of dangers. They warn us about how we can be prepared to defend ourselves against those dangers, including those that are sometimes hard to recognize, such as temptations and evil influences.

President Monson has given us 6 ways for us to stay safe:
1) Choose good friends
2) Seek parental guidance
3) Study the gospel
4) Obey the commandments
5) Serve with love
6) Pray with purpose

* if you follow the link above you can get further explanation for each of the 6 points

I really love this article from the Friend. It's simple but tells how the prophet is called.

And here's another article that I love to answer, Why are Prophets Important?

For your reference and study:
The Doctrine of Christ

Monday, August 8, 2016

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 28

A great way to demonstrate the importance of obeying is by playing a game. Because every game has rules.

Play a game of Simon says - check out these fun things for Simon to say-
Red light, Green light
(play primary songs on your phone/cd player and have everyone dance or do another movement then press the pause and everyone freezes in the place you are at)

Play a game of matching by printing 2 sheets and have the kids match each picture. Then discuss what is on each picture when a match is made.

There are 4 illustrations, they say:
Keeping the commandments brings blessings, every time!

Breaking the commandments brings a loss of blessings, every time!

Even if "everyone is doing it," wrong is never right.

When you are obedient to God, you are letting your faith show.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

{Valiant} Primary 4, Lesson 28: Nephi and Lehi in Prison

After the wars with the Lamanites, the prophet Helaman went back to preaching the gospel. After he died the records he kept went to his son, also named Helaman. He became a chief judge. He had two sons whose names were Nephi and Lehi. 

After Helaman, his son Nephi became the chief judge and stayed a chief judge for 10 years.During that time the Nephites had wars, pride, wickedness and they lost many cities including the city of Zarahemla. Just like Alma the Younger (his great-grandfather) Nephi resigned as chief judge and preached the gospel. Nephi decided to resign as chief judge because the laws of the land were voiced by the people. And so because the people were wicked the laws were corrupt as well, he felt that he would do more good by preaching the gospel.

Starting in the city of Bountiful, the two brothers went from city to city teaching to all the people of Nephi. They then went to the city of Zarahemla to teach among the Lamanites. Over 8,000 Lamanites and many Nephites repented of their sins.

Next the brothers went to the land of Nephi to preach to the Lamanites and the Nephites who had left the Church. In the land of Nephi, the brothers were put in prison and were not given any food.
After many days, the Lamanites came in the prison to kill them but when they came in, Nephi and Lehi were encircled by a large fire and the Lamanites didn't dare touch them because they were afraid they would be burned.
The brothers were safe within the fire and were not harmed.  Nephi and Lehi stood and spoke to the Lamanites telling them that it was  the power of God that was protecting them in the fire and away from the hands of the Lamanites. The earth then shook and the walls of the prison shook so much that it looked like the prison might fall, but it did not.

The Lamanites were overshadowed with a cloud of darkness and they were scared. While in the darkness a voice came as if from above the clouds and said: "Repent ye, repent ye, and seek no more to destroy my servants whom I have sent unto you to declare good tidings."
The voice came as a still voice as if a whisper and it pierced their souls.
The walls and the earth shook and the voice spoke two more times! Because of the darkness the Lamanites couldn't go anywhere and they were terrified.

A man who was once a Nephite, named Aminadab, saw through the darkness that Nephi and Lehi's faces were shining. The brothers were looking and talking up toward heaven. Aminadab told the Lamanites to look and they asked him what they were doing. He told the Lamanites that they were talking with the angels of God, The Lamanites then asked Aminadab how they could get the dark clouds to go away and he said that they must repent, pray unto God and have faith in Christ. The Lamanites did these things and the cloud of darkness went away and they were encircled with fire and it didn't hurt them. They were so happy, the Holy Ghost entered their hearts and they saw and heard many marvelous things.

A voice came unto them again as if it were a whisper and said: "Peace, peace be unto you, because of your faith in my Well Beloved (Jesus Christ) who was from the foundation of the world". About 300 Lamanites then looked up and the heavens opened and angels came down and ministered unto them.
The Lamanites went and told others about what they had seen and heard. Most of the Lamanites believed them and put down their weapons. They also stopped hating the Nephites and gave back the lands they had taken back to the Nephites.

Because of the conversion of so many Lamanites, the Lamanites became a good, righteous people even more righteous than the Nephites and would begin teaching the gospel to the Nephites.

This is quite a long chapter and such a powerful experience of the power of God that I want to share this video of the story that you can share with your class (make sure you download before class)

Golly, such an amazing powerful story and I just get goosebumps all the time!

In the parable of the wise man and the foolish man, Jesus is teaching us how we can stay strong when hard things in our life happen. It is through having faith in Him and by following His teachings. When we have a strong testimony, we can get through anything.

Have a friendly competition by building with popsicle sticks, binder clips and clothespins!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

{CTR} Primary 2, Lesson 28: I can be Kind

I love how in the lesson it has incorporated the map so I've enlarged it and you can get this poster printed for just a few dollars at Staples as an engineer print. What a fun way to share the story and "act" out as you tell it.

Put all the cut-outs onto popsicle sticks for easier manuvering around the map and laminate for durability.
Begin by letting the kids take turns circling all the cities that you point out in the lesson. Judea, Samaria, Jericho & Galilee. Give each child a cut-out and when they hear about their character, help them walk their character across the map.

Cut out these kindness puzzles and divide the class to complete each puzzle. Then discuss.... If you were in the group teasing the kids with disabilities what would you do if you were showing kindness.

I really love this story from the Friend, it demonstrates perfectly why being kind to others comes back to us. Read the story with the class then discuss.
First the boy on the bus is kind to the boy that hides behind the tree and THEN the boy behind the tree tries to find someone else to be kind to --- I just love that part--- kindness spreading like weeds!


For your reference and study:
Loving Others and Living with Differences
The Good Samaritan: Forgotten Symbols

Here's some jumbo cut-outs to enhance your lesson!

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