Saturday, February 27, 2016

March Sharing Time

14x14 spinner wheel
and 3x5 cards to play fun games!

{March Sharing Time} Prophets Speak for Heavenly Father

I'm really excited to be back at it again after moving my family to Idaho and this is the first sharing time and I just love it! Here's a couple ways to use these fun handouts for your sharing time or for FHE.

Printout the pages onto 8.5x14 paper (legal paper- you can find these at office supply stores for less than $10 per ream) Most new (2010- will have a way to length your printer tray to hold the longer paper, mine was on the bottom of the tray and on the left)Mount onto cardstock or cardboard (after you move--shameless chuckle) for durability on the spinner and punch a little hole for the brad.

1) Use the spinner like in the outline, these links below are AWESOME references to tell a little bit about each prophet. Have a child come up and spin then talk about that prophet.

2)Use the cards and print up a few key words from each of the prophets to give a little hint. Then have a matching game up on the board after discussing the prophets.

3) Print out as many of the cards as you want to and  scatter them onto the table. Play a "racing game". Using the spinner, spin and see which prophet the kids find, race to see who can collect them the quickest.

Friend and Ensign articles about each of these prophets. Read through and decide how you will describe each prophet.

** print on legal size paper (8.5x14) this is NOT standard size paper** 
Assembled size is about 14x14

Thank you to Susan Fitch for her designs!

Friday, February 26, 2016

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 9

Photo credit: Happy Hooligans
This is such a simple activity but keeps those preschoolers entertained! You'll need some clear bottles (I really like the "Simply" juice bottles) and some river rocks from the Dollar store.

Fill the bottles with water about 1/4-1/2 full let the kids drop the stones into them.
For added fun you can also bring in little creatures to put in.

Don't forget the towels or bring one of those 'under the bed' totes. If the weather is nice go outside instead!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

{CTR} Primary 2, Lesson 9

I really like this lesson because I feel like it brings Jesus to their level in showing them that He did the same things that they do each day.

For the Picture 2-10, I've blown them up and put them onto 2 legal size (8.5x14) papers (you'll need to glue them together), pass them around to the kids and ask them with a colored pencil to find:
- the woman rolling the mat 
- the cradle where the baby sleeps
- the big jars
- the woman sitting on the floor
- the oil lamp

( add anything else that you would like to talk about) once everyone has had a chance, begin discussing each thing and how it is the same as today.)

Bring in some washable paint (homemade version -- add some dish soap to make it washable) and paint brushes (the Dollar Store has a bundle of them)
and print these onto heavy cardstock. Have the kids paint/draw what they think that Jesus may have looked like when he was their age.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

{Valiant} Primary 4, Lesson 9 Primary 4, Lesson 9: Enos Prays

Want to retell the story of Enos with some fun cut-outs look no further!
Use coupon code PRAYERS2 for 10% off thru March 3rd!

Here's a fun packet to talk about prayer in our own lives.

March Editable Newsletter

Friday, February 19, 2016

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 8 I am Thankful for the Day and the Night

When you go through each you can:
1) Print a few of each and put around the room have the kids "run" to the day or the night dependent on which you call out.
2) Put on popsicle sticks and give to a few to each and ask questions "When do we go to church?" "When do we go to sleep?" then have the kids hold up which one it is.
3) Create a "chart" with the scenes at the top. Google images of different activities that we do during each then have the kids put each image under the scene that they think it goes to.

Check out this idea from Chicken Scratch n' Sniff!

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