Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Primary 4, Lesson 4

Bring an object lesson in for this week for Lehi's Dream, for details go HERE

Retell the story of Lehi's Dream with these fun cut-outs.

Want a BIG savings? Here's bundle of all the Book of Mormon Cut-outs!

Check out these other ideas for this lesson from Chicken Scratch n' Sniff

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 4

Play a game and teach the kids how to show respect when we pray.

Printout the pages from the download and cut them out. They are about 8 inches so they are large ready for little hands to hold!

Before you begin the games go over what we should do with each body part to do during a prayer.

We FOLD our arms (fold your arms and have the kids repeat)
We BOW our heads (kids repeat)
We CLOSE our eyes (kids repeat while you do the "mom" prayer thing doing the squint-y eye thing)
We keep our mouths QUIET ( put your finger over your mouth like you're going to say "shh")

Practice these a few times, to make it a little more fun start slow going through them and then do it a little faster each time.

For some active games
Put the parts onto the floor spread out a little bit. Then using a bean bag let the kids toss a bean bag. What it lands on (or near) have them show you what they do.

Put each onto a different wall in the room. Have the kids start in the middle. Say "find our arms"--- kids run to the arms and do the "action."

Retell the story of Daniel with these cut-outs!

Be sure also check out these fun handouts from Chicken Scratch n' Sniff!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

{Sunday Box} General Authorities Playing Cards

Use these fun cards for games of Go Fish or play a fun memory game. You could also play a "Hedbandz" game. Cards are sized about 3.5x5 inches. Includes the First Presidency and the 12 Apostles.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

February Editable Newsletter

Primary 1, Lesson 3

Heavenly Father loves each of you and He has set up a plan.
You would come to Earth (give Earth to child)
and given a body (give out the toddlers) for your spirit.
You came to Earth to a family to love you and take care of you (give the house). 
While you are on Earth Heavenly Father wants you to learn and grow. Some things that you do are go to church (give out the church),
take the sacrament (give out sacrament tray),
 saying your prayers (girl praying),
 being baptized (baptismal font),
listen to the prophet (prophet) and
go to the temple (temple). Then after you have lived your life on Earth you will return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus.

(includes lesson from above with some fun play ideas using the pieces.)

Purchase includes:
boy and girl toddlers
Church house
Sacrament Tray
Baptismal Font
President Monson

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Primary 4, Lesson 3: Obtaining the Brass Plates

While in the wilderness, Lehi, in a dream was told that his sons, Nephi, Laman, Lemuel and Sam needed to go back to Jerusalem and get the brass plates which had the record of the Jews from a man named Laban and bring them back to Lehi. Nephi's brothers began to complain saying that it was a hard thing to do. Lehi told them that he wasn't asking it was the Lord who commanded it. Nephi said that he would go. Nephi had the faith that they would get the plates if that's what the Lord wanted to have happen.
When the brothers got to Jerusalem, it was decided that Laman would go to Laban's house. But when Laman asked Laban for the plates, Laban became angry and wanted to kill Laman, but Laman got away and ran back to his brothers and told them what had happened. They wanted to go back to the wilderness, but Nephi told them that they wouldn't leave until they got the brass plates because that's what the Lord had commanded them to do.
Nephi suggested that they go to their house in Jerusalem and gather all their riches and then they went back to Laban's house. But when Laban saw all that they had, he threw the brothers out and kept their things and sent his servants to kill the brothers. Nephi and his brothers got away from the servants and hid inside a cave.
Laman and Lemuel were angry with Nephi and began hitting him, an angel came to them and asked why they were hitting him, and told them that the Lord would deliver Laban into their hands. Laman and Lemuel began to murmur again not believing that Laban would be delivered because he was a very powerful man.
After Nephi convinced his brothers to go, they went back to Jerusalem. Just outside the city walls, Nephi's brothers waited in the dark while Nephi went in towards Laban's house. On his way, Nephi came across a man who was drunk and was on the ground. It was Laban. Nephi was told by the Spirit to kill Laban. Nephi didn't want to kill Laban but the Spirit told him "it is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief." Nephi killed Laban and put on Laban's clothes and armor and went to Laban's house. There he commanded one of Laban's servants to get the brass plates. The servant did it because he thought that Nephi was Laban. When Nephi had the plates, he took the servant with him outside the city walls. Nephi's brothers saw him coming and were scared that Laban and he had killed Nephi and was coming to kill them too. But when Nephi called them and they came back, Laban's servant tried to get away but Nephi talked with him and the servant, Zoram, decided to stay with them,
When they got back to Lehi in the wilderness, he and their mom Sariah were so happy to see them.

(includes both pages below)

Have the kids "act" out the story as you tell it using these cut-outs! Stick them on some popsicle sticks/tongue depressors and you're golden!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Primary 2, Lesson 3: I am a Child of God

Time to pull out your craft supplies for this fun activity!!
Bring in material to decorate these adorable paper kids (we can't call them dolls because boys don't play with dolls mom, ok then--- H, 4) You could bring in felt/fabric/construction paper for the kiddos to make clothes and yarn to make hair. Maybe just some fun silly things like ribbon, cotton balls, googly eyes and pipe cleaners!

*print on cardstock and glue to construction paper so you have durability when the kids decorate.

{Sharing Time} The words of Christ will tell us all things we should do

This week is a fun activity that my family did when I was in high school and it just stuck with me and I thought it would be PERFECT for this week's sharing time. So after a phone call and a few smooches to my boys we've got the Friend article and an awesome object lesson. Thanks Dad!

For this week we'll be using the Friend! Hold to the Iron Rod and you'll need to run to the hardware/plumbing store --- or you could use a pool noodle!--- and some rope and a blindfold.

At the hardware/plumbing store look for these foam pipe insulation (plumbing aisle) these come in package of 4 or in a longer singles about 6ft long for a little under $1.50!!

Then using some rope ($ store-automotive section) attach one end with heavy duty tape to the chalkboard and then the other to a chair wherever you'd like to start. Then as your kids begin at the chair they hold onto the pipe and move it towards the chalkboard with the tree.

On the floor you can either create a straight path or print a few from the download and tape those down by your "iron rod".

Today we are going to talk about a vision the prophet Lehi had in a dream. In his dream Lehi saw a tree with white fruit. He ate the fruit and it made him happy. Then he asked his family to come and eat the fruit. He wanted them to be happy too. Lehi also saw many people holding onto an iron rode. The rod led them on a strait path through mists of darkness to the tree. Some of the people ate the fruit but other did not.
The objects Lehi saw in his dream have special meanings.
   The Tree of Life = the love of God   (point to the tree)
   The fruit = is happiness and eternal life 
(put the fruit onto the tree)
   The iron rod = the word of God
We can find the word of God by reading the scriptures, listening to the prophet, and attending church.

Get some volunteers.

(this small part is a little different from the Friend article THIS is the part I remember vividly from when my family did it)

Have a couple try to get to the tree without the iron rod blindfolded after a few tries ask "Why can't you get to the tree?"  (I can't see where I'm going), "Do you think there's another way to get to the tree?" ( Help)
Have them grasp the "iron rod" and follow the straight path to the tree and get a fruit off the tree. When they get there and pick their fruit ask  "How did you feel knowing that you could get to the tree now?

Just as the rod guided you to the tree, we can all return to Heavenly Father by holding onto the word of God

You can print these as  engineering prints (Staples.com) for under $10 for all of them in color! Or just print out the at home printing pieces!

Includes a 24x36 Tree of Life
6 Fruit (about 4x6 inches each)
18x24 strait path (print what you need to go from your chair to the board)
Easy at home printing for the tree of life and path

$1.75 USD

Want to do your own thing?
Here's Lehi's Dream Jumbo Cut-outs!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Book of Mormon Sequence

I'm so excited to be done with this game! My oldest is anxious to add to our Sunday box and get playing (this is one of his favorite games to play!)

For the markers/chips, you will need 2 different "types" (Cheerios and Fruit Loops, Kidney Beans and White Beans, etc) you can also play with 3 (a lot harder) but just make sure each of the markers are different. We are going to use THESE dot markers (you can find them sometimes at the $ store too) to play because I'm having it laminated so it'll just a be a quick spritz of water and wipe clean. No reading is required so even the small kiddos can play.

(these and the rest of instructions are included in the pdf!)

Full board is 16x20 or use the easy at home printing sheets and assemble.
The cards are about the size of an index card a backing is also included so you can make the cards more sturdy.

Laminate for durability.

(Use coupon code SEQUENCE for 15% off through 1/16)

Primary Classroom: Non-Food Incentives

Above rewards, be sure to validate the children when they are doing something good. You can praise them verbally "Great job, Jenny!", "Thank you for listening, Blake!", smiling at them, giving a hug, a high five etc. Mail a note home, call a parent, etc. These mean a lot more to children than a toy, it shows that you love them.

Oriental Trading is a great resource for small inexpensive trinkets and toys, best of all they have assortments to just click and choose. I've included links to some of my kiddos' favorites.
Put these all into a box with a lid. Make sure to involve the kids in deciding how they earn these.

~Scratch n' Sniff Stickers (Amazon)
~Bouncy Balls
-Sticky Hands (Oriental Trading)
-Poppers (Oriental Trading)
~Glow sticks
~Stampers (Oriental Trading)
~Big sunglasses ($ Store)
~Whistles (Oriental Trading)
~Slap Bracelets (Oriental Trading)
~Stretchy Flying Toys (Oriental Trading)
~Crazy Straws
~Funky Pens
~Scripture Markers
~Puzzles (Seagull Book/Deseret Book have small scripture themed puzzles for about $1)

~Angry Bird Cups Game 
(earn cups throughout the lesson, then the last 3 minutes you stack them up and the kids try to knock them down with an "angry bird")
~Board writer
~Line leader
~Sit by your friend
~Play a game the last 10 minutes of class
-bean bag toss
-musical chairs
-target practice (draw a target on the board, then use sticky darts)
~ Tell a joke to the class (make sure it's a clean joke before they tell it)
~5 Minute "chatting" time at the end of class
~No shoes class
~Class "picnic style" (on a blanket) next week
~ Read a story from the scriptures (Snag these Readers from Distribution center) or read a story from the Friend
~Watch a Matt and Mandy video
~Teacher wears something goofy (hat, funny glasses, etc during Sharing time next week)

~Have an obstacle course next week to get to your seat

~ "Pass" for reading  (for those of you who do "popcorn reading" and those who don't like to read aloud this is great)
~Teacher for a small section of the lesson
~Game "judge"

Here are some 100 count charts you can use for a sticker system.
The charts are 16x24, you can easily print these for about $3 as an engineering print 
(Staples.com does this) 
You can let the kids earn stickers for being kind, bringing their scriptures, taking things to the library, participating, etc.... You could also easily include the kids in what they think is fair to earn stickers, how many they can earn, etc....

Then once the chart is filled out you can have a party, play some minute to win it games (SO FUN!), invite a special guest, have class outside for a few weeks (cold outside? maybe do it on the stage)
 Teacher/bishopric member performs a "dare"
dance like a cowboy
- drink a cup of ice water really fast
- cut your tie (just wear a cheap/DI tie and let the kids take turns cutting it)
- spin around and try and walk a straight line
- sing a Primary song with your mouth full of marshmallows
-eat a pudding cup without using your hands
-say the alphabet as fast as you can backwards
-put on a puppet show about your favorite scripture hero

Friday, January 8, 2016

Primary 4, Lesson 2 Journal

Lehi was a prophet with great courage, commitment and devotion the the Lord and to his people. Because of what he had heard and saw in a vision, he knew that he must testify to the people of their wickedness. The people were angry and tried to kill him. The Lord protected and blessed Lehi and commanded him to leave Jerusalem so that the Lord could continue to use Lehi as His voice to the people.
Following the Lord's command, Lehi gathered his family, leaving behind his possessions and traveled into the wilderness to the Red Sea. Here he and his family stopped after traveling for 3 days. Lehi then build an altar and thank Heavenly Father. Lehi had 4 sons, Nephi, Laman, Lemuel and Sam. Laman and Lemuel were both upset that Lehi had made them leave their home and all their belongings in Jerusalem. They didn't believe that Jerusalem would be destroyed as Lehi had prophesied. Nephi wanted to know if what Lehi said was true and so he prayed and was told that Lehi was right, Nephi told Sam and he believed Nephi. Heavenly Father blessed Nephi because of his faith. Nephi was told that as long as he kept the commandments, he would blessed and would be a ruler over his brothers.

In the beginning of class, invite the kids to come up and write on the board the answer to the BOARD QUESTION...... What is a prophet?

Characteristics of a prophet (source)

 (1) He boldly claims that God has spoken to him; (2) he is a dignified man bearing a dignified message; (3) he declares his message without fear; (4) he bears witness without argument or concession; (5) he speaks in the name of the Lord; (6) he predicts future events that come to pass; (7) his message pertains to future as well as present generations; (8) he endures persecution; (9) he denounces wickedness fearlessly; (10) he does things that no man could do without God’s help; and (11) his teachings are in strict agreement with scripture.(12) that he prophesies of Christ.

(includes board question above)

Here's a fun game of matching halves to play to go along with Enrichment #2!

This expires on Sunday!! Take advantage while you can!

Resources to Study
The Calling of a Prophet (Religious Studies Center-BYU) this one is particularly interesting as it breaks down the pieces of Lehi's calling as a prophet and his vision of the destruction of Jerusalem.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Primary 2, Lesson 2

(includes the scripture printout and enrichment #3 to fit on the board)

And here's a game to play for the discussion activity. Using the oldie but good saying  "Chews the Right"

Each of the gumballs has a scenario from the discussion activity. Included are also blank gumballs so you can come up with your own or have the kids do it.
You could put all the gumballs into a bag, use sticky darts, hide around the room, etc.
The gum machine is about 20 inches tall when assembled. 

***1/9/16- Before this date the download didn't have the bottom of the machine, the new download does. Sorry about that!***

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 2

Paper dolls would SO fun for this lesson while you're talking about how we have a body. You can find a different ones in The Friend that are just darling and you can easily print as many as you need.

13X16 when assembled!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

{Senior Primary} January Challenge Mats

This idea came from Amy J. and I just love it so much that I've tweaked it to make it work for each month of this year. Amy's idea was to have these at the "Meet your teacher breakfast" but I think you could easily send them home at the end of the month with something fun to do about the theme of the month and then they can either bring them back for a small prize or just a YIPPEE! from you.


These are sized perfectly to print at the church on legal paper. (legal size 8.5x14). I will have one each month this year! Here's January!

These are more for the Senior Primary. Some are more difficult than other activities but all doable.

Laminate for durability and add to your Sunday bag/box!

Monday, January 4, 2016

{Sharing Time} We are to feast upon the words of Christ

(lesson and prep below is in the download)

Using the circle dots ($ Store) 
number them 1-4 as the kids come into the Primary room (or put them onto the chairs) give them a sticker 

Set up the chairs in a large circle 

Fold the papers in half and glue (sticky dot so you can use later) to popsicle sticks

First come up with actions for each of the 4 phrases. Practice this a few times with the kids so they all know what each will be. Here's an idea for each of them:

"Feast" = shoveling food into mouth (kids with #1)
"Search Diligently" = looking through binoculars or a magnifying glass (kids with #2)
"Treasure up" = hands shaped in a book and thumbs up. 
(kids with #3)
"Hold fast"= great big bear hug to yourself (kids with #4)

Standing in the middle, hold up one of the signs, these kids do their sign and move chairs. Hold up the next signs until everyone has moved. For a final one, call out "THE SCRIPTURES" then everyone moves.
You can make it harder or easier by showing only one of the sides and not saying anything so the kids really have to pay attention.

After everyone has settled, explain how each of these phrases are used when we talk about the scriptures. When we feast upon the words, it can mean that we are hungry to learn and grow. Searching diligently can mean that we can find the answers to our troubles in the scriptures to lead and guide us. The scriptures are a treasure and as we treat them as such we are blessed as we read and study them every day. Today there are many choices, many good and many bad, when we hold fast to the scriptures and live by its teachings we will be strong and know what choices we need to make.

Have a large Primary? Instead of putting the chairs in a circle, widen the rows a little bit so the kids can do the actions without hurting themselves. Hold up the signs and  see which side is fastest at doing the signs, or do teachers verses kids doing the signs, etc

Sheena over at Little LDS Ideas also has an AWESOME Sharing time for this week with cupcakes! And the difference between "feasting" and "nibbling". Combine hers and mine or just take what you'd like. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sunbeams Activities and Ideas

This is a compilation using some things from the Nursery Supplies, Activities and Recipes with some things added because well---- they're older and can do more fun things. So....

This will be an ongoing list so keep this pinned! Comment with your ideas and I will add them, thank you so much for your input!

Hatched Eggs (keeping kiddos in their seats)

Active Activities:
these activities can be done in your own classroom, you don't really need to leave

Stop and Go (Red light, Green light)
Ring around the Rosey
Bean Bag Toss
dog dishes/small buckets from the $ store
Pom-Pom Target Practice
Big Legos
Bowling (Amazon)
Pool Noodle Lacing
  cut a pool noodle in small sections then use rope/twine
Ping Pong Balls and Cups
toss and catch with the balls and cups
"Do as I'm Doing"
Jenga Stacking
- make the tower instead of pulling the blocks

Quiet Activities
these activities are great for a small transition after a lesson

Foam Stickers/ Stickers
Playdough and Cookie Cutters/Tools
(THIS is my favorite go to recipe for homemade, you can make it gluten free with corn flour in the baking aisle)
Lacing Beads (these are foam beads that are just awesome!)
Board Books
Cootie Game
Matching Games
Pipe Cleaners and Buttons
Yarn and Sandpaper
Ice Painting
Lacing Cards (Laces)
Popsicle Sticks and Playdough
Cereal Necklaces
Finger Painting

1) Plastic Table Cloth ($ Store)- you can tape these down on the floor for art projects!
2) Foam shape stickers ( Amazon, craft stores, etc)
3) Plastic Animals (fun to play with playdough or by themselves!)- you can generally find them at a party store like Zurchers for a GREAT deal.
4) Counting Chips - these are great little markers for bingo or counting different things. (Amazon)
5) Butcher/Easel Paper  (Amazon)
6) Sponges for painting ($ store)
7)Contact Paper
8)Magnet Tape


Easy Homemade Finger Paint
1 cup Flour (or cornflour for gluten free)
1 cup Water (add a little less for thicker paint)
Dish Soap (1/4-1/2 cup)
Food Coloring (Koolaid packets work great in place of food coloring)

Separate into baby food jars/air tight containers then add the coloring

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Primary Bookmarks

             DOWNLOAD SHEET OF 2 HERE                       DOWNLOAD SHEET OF 2 HERE


Primary Get to know you Games

The first of the year is just around the corner! And that means new teachers for those adorable kiddos, it's always hard... my son HATES it but here's some games to get you teachers ready for that first Sunday and get to know your new kids and learn something new about the ones you keep.

M&Ms Game
You will need a bag of M&Ms and a bowl. Create questions for each color from the bag (example below) Hold the bowl up so the kids can't see the color they pick
If the kids pick:
Red= tell us your favorite activity to do
Orange= tell us your favorite thing at school
Yellow= tell us the chore you hate to do
Blue= tell us something you want to learn how to do
Green= tell us your favorite treat
Brown= tell us your favorite movie or tv show

Don't forget to do it yourself so the kids can get to know you too!

Toss n' Talk Game
On a large ball (those balls you find at Walmart in the "cages") with a permanent marker write questions around the ball. (Question ideas are below)
Begin class on the floor with all the kids and you in a circle,  roll or gently toss the ball whatever question their right thumb (right hand/left pinky, etc) that's what they answer.

On the blocks, write questions to get to know the kids (Question ideas below), set up the game on the table, have the kids and you take turns picking out the blocks and answer the question on them.

Question ideas:

1)Who is your favorite scripture story character?
2) If you could have any animal for a pet what would it be?
3) What is your favorite breakfast?
4) What is your favorite movie or tv show?
5) If you could eat one food for a whole month, what would it be?
6) What is your favorite subject in school?
7) Would you rather cake or brownies?
8) Where were you born?
9) What do you think is in outer space?
10) If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
11) What is the worst smell?
12) What do you want to do when you grow up?
13) If you had 1 million dollars, what would you buy?
14) What is your favorite Primary song?
15) What do you like to do when you play outside?
16) Do you have a lucky number? What is it and why is it lucky for you?
17) What is the best thing about being a kid?
18) What is your favorite color?
19) Do you have a favorite joke? What is it?
20) If you were president for a day, what would you do?

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