Sunday, November 27, 2011

2012 Sharing Time Cards

I've come up with a way to expand on the weekly sharing time cards and I hope that you guys will love it as much as I love it. So the basic idea is to give each child a big ring at the beginning of the year and each week they will get the new sharing time card (with a hole punched in it) to add to their booklet. So let's just begin... please let me know if there's something confusing or not right as I hope this will be a big part of next year for the Primary.

These are the covers for the booklet:
There's a front and a back, both are sized at 4x4.5 to be just slightly bigger than the "inside" ,I would recommend laminating these as they will more than likely get beat up for the whole year.


Then on the inside for each month there will be a introduction if you will, sized at 3.5x4, each month will be color coordinated (all the Januarys will have blue border, Februarys-red, etc) so just in case they fall off the ring they will easily be able to prevent the crying and an easy put back together:

Then just before the Weekly Sharing Time Cards, put the words the monthly song so they can know what the words are and read them (younger kids may be harder, but I"m sure parents would help them)

Then after these then you'll put the weekly sharing time cards to hand out each week :)
So please comment as this will be a lot of work and I will only pursue if people would actually use them. Thanks!!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

January 2012 Binder Cover/Poster

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was great and just slow paced with just my little family, skipping the big stuff because of the sickness bug. I'm so excited for Christmas, don't you just love this time of year with the annual trip to Temple Square, putting up the tree, and opening the chocolate box each day for the countdown and Christmas music... Yep I'm excited!!

Here's what you've been waiting for!! :) The real beginning of 2012 stuff.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2012 Birthday

My little family is now over the sicknesses YIPPEE!!! This weekend with my husband off work for the 4 days we are deep cleaning the house and getting all the germs out of this place, I can't wait! HUGE grin on my face.
Here's a birthday or "this is our new theme" idea, I'm sure it would definately be a hit with the younger kids and you could spice it up by adding some "tools" (glitter, sequin beads, cookie cutter, etc) for the older kids. There's a "girl" and a "boy" one (sheet of 8 has both)
The suspense is killing you right... make koolaid playdough kits. You put all the dry ingredients in a ziploc or other baggie, add the recipe mounted on cardstock or construction paper into it then staple the label on and VOILA!!



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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oct 2011 Conference: Quentin L. Cook

My little family has come down with some sickness the last week or so and that's where I've been.We've all gotten past our things except my baby, these last few days have been a challenge with my little baby going to the pediatrician and getting a diagnosis of his throwing up to be an ear infection. He's on Pedialyte and lots of sleep and thankfully hasn't had to be admitted to the hospital for dehydration, but that still doesn't take away the emotions that I've had, so before I get to the handout, I just want to say thank you to commenter "Sulane", you truly were my lifter today before I read this talk.
You never really know when your comment can make someone's day just go better, and I love each one so thank you to those that take time to leave your words of love and encouragement to me and my family!
This quote was exactly what I needed right now with my little baby and other family stuff going on, and I've decided after reading this talk to make a point of starting a "gratitude journal" each day and on those inevitable "bad" days I can really see all that I have been given. Please feel free to join me and share, just to share.
Today's Gratitude Pin: I'm grateful to be able to serve, I was able to take a dinner to a good friend who just had her baby. {okay I have 2}I'm also grateful for the power of medicine and how quickly it can help. {okay, 3...} I'm grateful for a husband who notices when I'm stressed and need a breaks and let's me have it.

Elder Quentin L. Cook's Talk

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to Our Primary

I love it when inspiration just flows don't you? Tonight my wonderful amazing hubby has taken both boys and so I've been busy with my Photoshop and have been working on a few fun things to share with you all in the future. I have finished this though and I wanted to share it.
I made Relief Society welcome packets, but what about the Primary kids, I'm sure without a doubt that kids are more fearful of going to a new ward, whether visiting or new, and so why not give them a little something to help them :) This is meant to be a bag topper so you fold it  over a baggie(ziploc or a fancy one) and then staple it to the baggie. My idea for this is to either purchase a box of crayons or you can be fun and awesome and make your own crayons into the round ones or into a fun shape using a candy mold or even make a big rainbow one! There's 2 methods for making your own, baking in the oven and using the stove top. If you want to go a little extra you could also assemble a little coloring book to go with it, LDS coloring pages has FREE pages from the Friend.

**If you would like this with the kids being a different nationality I have a few others that I can easily swap out. Just let me know with a comment! :)

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2012 Assignment Bands

I have finally finished assignment bands for next year :)
**Please let me know if there are any other assignments that you do in your ward/branch and I can add them. In the download you will have opening/closing prayers, monthly theme, talk, scripture, and article of faith

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2012 Primary Binder Cover

I haven't decided yet if I like this but for now, I"m sticking with it :)

(includes pres, 1st&2nd counselors, and secretary-please comment below if you need any other ones)

Check up on everything available for 2012 Primary!!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2012 is Almost Here!! And so...

 I've received more than 10 emails from all of you wonderful people asking about 2012 stuff so I thought I'd make a post about it.
First off, thank you all so much for all your support, I know I have followers for Relief Society and Young Women and Primary, and I really appreciate all you have said and just being here enjoying my makings. With much thought and discussion with my husband and with you guys, I've decided to put the main focus of this blog to the Primary. Now for those of you in RS and YW, don't think that I don't love you or that I think Primary is more important. It's just that my time is limited and for the most part this blog is primarily Primary age anyway. But I will be doing the Conference talk handouts and the Visiting Teaching Message and if you will request a specific Young Women lesson or something in Young Women's I'll be doing that. I can also if you would all like, post up some blogs/websites that do RS and Young Women stuff, there are some amazing women out there who already do so much for the Young Women that I feel sometimes that I'm cramping their style when I could be doing so much more for the Primary (I haven't found a lot of Primary stuff on blogs). Again please feel free to voice your opinion and I'll try my best and hardest to accommodate to all of those wishes.
Now I'm having a dilemma, I'm debating about whether or not to continue with the Primary lessons, since I've missed so many lessons, for this year or just get a head start on next year's lessons. What do you think?
A binder cover(s) for the overall year is currently in the making. I've been working on them for about 2 days now and hope to get those out to you tomorrow or Thursday.
I will be also making posters or binder covers for each month, I haven't started on those but all 12 will be avaialble for download before the new year as I know that some of you like to have them to post out on the Primary board.
I will also be making assignment bands like I did this year, please let me know if there are any alterations or add-ons you would like to see for those. Or I will just make them like I did this year.
Thanks to Lorraine P. who gave the suggestion to do weekly sharing time cards! Those based on popular demand will also be coming back.
And the lessons from both manuals will be in the same format of teaching and reminding. Like this year, the goal for them is to be put onto a ring or in a photo album (or whatever you choose) and then the kids will have something to look at and remember what is/has been taught in class.
If you have a request or something you've seen on other blogs that you would liek to see here for next year please comment/email/ or post on FB and I'll do the best that I can, but as most of you may know I have 2 little boys to attend to and and a busy hubby in school and work, so please be patient and I'll do the best I can! Thank you again for all of you and the support you have given to me. Happy NOVEMBER!!

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