Monday, December 31, 2018

New Testament Study Guides

Study Guides with the scripture follow along the Come, Follow Me -- Individuals and Family Manual. The study guides not under a scripture are just topics that I decided to study about with the different weeks. I will try and keep these in order with the manual.

I've been asked where I am putting my study guides, so I'll answer that here. I'm using my chapter study notebook and have put the 4 Gospels into a 1 1/2 inch binder. I wanted enough room to put notes and other pages that I feel important to enrich my study of the New Testament. I just print and hole punch these and put right where I was studying.

4 Gospels Chapter Highlights

Chapter Highlights Part II 
(Acts, Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians)

Genealogy of Jesus Christ

Jesus is the Living Christ 

Our Testimony

Our Prayers

Be It Unto Me According to Thy Word

- The Baptism of Jesus Christ
- Pharisees and Sadducees

Jesus Christ was Tempted

Study Guides: Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3

To see the resources that I use in my study of the New Testament see this post.
These study guides coordinate with the New Testament Interactive Board.

Interesting insights that are not included in the study guides because I wrote these in the margins. More study guides for these scriptures may be added to check back.

Luke 3:3-6 -- Luke quoted a prophecy from Isaiah to describe the mission of John the Baptist (Isaiah 40:3-5)

Mark is unique by opening with the account of Jesus's baptism. This may be reflected by the Apostle Peter's pattern in teaching people about Jesus Christ. His baptism marked the important starting point in the Savior's public ministry.

Mark 1:22 -- Scribes were considered experts in the legal aspects of the law of Moses. They added greater weight and authority to their teacher in appealing to former authorities and experts.

Mark 1: 23-27 -- Satan can have no power over us without our consent.

The Pharisees and Sadducees

The winnowing fan is what John is referring to in Matthew 3:12 (see New Testament Institute Student Manual)

The Pharisees believed in the resurrection; the Sadducees did not. They were not enemies of Jesus, they did agree on many of Jesus' teachings. Some Pharisees would later join the Apostles. Paul was a Pharisee.

The Baptism of Jesus Christ

From Nazareth, Jesus would have walked about 60 miles to the River Jordan.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Come, Follow Me Editable Study Notebook

I've been asked what pens are my favorite to use for these notebooks and I wanted to just share here. My FAVORITE pens are called Triplus Fineliner Pens. I LOVE them so much, I usually get the 20 pack because they have lots of different colors and they are just in one row and they have a small "hook" and I can just fit them perfectly into my binder on the middle ring without much bulk. I also like that they don't dry out when they're not capped and are just comfortable to hold.

Thank you all so much for your feedback on these notebooks! After a week of use, I have tweaked these just a little bit (download the free one below).
Here's what's new!
1) I added a space to write about the people and places in the chapters. 
2) I added a layout for each chapter of the New Testament
3) I added the chapter highlights (or summaries) of what is happening in each chapter (this is my favorite addition!)
4) I added a small section in the Doctrine/Principles for a verse.

Enter coupon code NTSTUDY15 for 15% off!

If you purchased Part 1 please contact me on Etsy or check your Etsy messages/email, thanks!


In reading the introduction of the Come, Follow Me, our brethren have given us keys to getting the most out of our studies. I wanted to create a notebook to use these keys that they gave us. I'm so excited to use this for my personal study. It's simple for easy application and with pure focus on the task at hand (with some coloring opportunity on the cover), to learn about Jesus Christ and become converted.

Included in the download is this 2 page layout and a printer page so that when you print double sided the 2 pages are facing you so you don't have to turn pages for your study. There are 52 sets included to use for each week of the 2019 year. Print the cover on cardstock for durability and DO NOT double side print on the cover, only on the notebook pages.

Please give the download a little bit of time. There are over 100 pages in the PDF file.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Noteworthy Resources for Studying the New Testament

I have been asked what the resources are that I'm using in my study of the New Testament so I thought I would share and to help me keep a record of the sources that I have. 

Now I don't use them all at the same time. I enjoy taking a question and searching the different texts. I haven't gone all the way through in all of them but love them each for different reasons.

I will continue adding resources as I find them.

The Church has many great resources free of charge. You can find articles in various Ensigns (I try and put links below the downloads when I find them.)

this can also be purchased but it's free on

Other Resources

I just found this website and I'm really excited to explore what it has to offer! 

Scripture Study Made Simple: The New Testament by [Wayment, Thomas A.] Scripture Study Made Simple: The New Testament
This book I love for two reasons 1) it has the New Testament in full publication 2) the author's notes are easy to follow along with and glean insights from. You can find this book on Amazon.

New Testament Made Easier Boxed Set by [Ridges, David J.]New Testament Made Easier 
These books were the first of my collection that I had in studying the New Testament. This book also has the New Testament in full publication. I like these because he offers different insights than Dr. Wayment. This book is also easy to follow along but I personally prefer Dr. Wayment's book. You can find this book on Amazon.

The New Testament Made Harder: Scripture Study Questions by [Faulconer, James E]The New Testament Made Harder
This title was intriguing so I bought it and I really like it because it's really full of questions to ponder. It's not one that I grab for everything but when I'm trying to get a better understanding of the scriptures the questions it has provokes that thoughts and inspiration.  It isn't so much a study guide to read as it is a book of questions to look at as you study the scriptures. I found it on Amazon.

Jesus Christ and the World of the New Testament
This is a PHENOMENAL book to understand the background of the New Testament. The people, places, etc. I have been reading this from the beginning and have learned so much and feel that I better understand how and why the New Testament is written the way that it is. RECOMMEND highly! You can find the book on Amazon.

MessiahThe Messiah Series
I am extremely blessed with an online library through BYU-I and I have been able to check out some AMAZING books to read about the life of Jesus Christ. This series if you can get your hands on them are incredible to read and study from. You can find them at Deseret Book or Amazon.
Doctrinal New Testament Commentary -- Another blessing of the online library at BYU-I. This is my most used resource recently and I have learned a lot from Elder McConkie. You can find these at Deseret Book or Amazon.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ
This is a new find that I have been using recently and have come to love and quickly turn to in my studies. There are 4 books all together as a 4 volume set, you can find them on both Amazon and Deseret Book.
Volume 1: Bethlehem through Sermon on the Mount (DB or Amazon)
Volume 2: Transfiguration through the Triumphal Entry (DB or Amazon)
Volume 3: The Last Supper Through the Resurrection (DB or Amazon)
Volume 4: The Day of Pentecost to the Apocalypse (DB or Amazon)
The Complete Joseph Smith Translation of the New Testament by [Wayment, Thomas A.]

The Complete Joseph Smith Translation of the New Testament - this book is incredible and I quickly purchased it after finding out that the scriptures DO NOT have all of the JST translations. I find it an enlightening addition in understanding the New Testament. You can find it on Amazon.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Testament Activity Mats

To download the activity mats, click on the preview of the mat you would like.

Activity Mat: Mary, Joseph, & Baby Jesus

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Activity Mat: Elisabeth and Zacharias

These were so fun to have for the months that I was able to make them. I'm going to try and be better this year with and make a variety of them as we study from the New Testament. These are perfect for Sunday meeting, at home on the table as "placemats" or as you read the scriptures together. I laminate them for durability and to pass them around for different kids to use. We use dry erase markers and dry erase crayons.

Please note that these are NOT regular printer paper. These need to be printed on legal paper. It is sized at 8.5x14 inches.

Awesome resources to read:
Gospel Doctrine Lesson 2
Gospel Principles Lesson 8
12 Witnesses of Christ's Birth
14 Events of the Nativity
Scriptural Giants: John the Baptist

John the Baptist

New Testament Interactive Board

UPDATE: Thank you all so much for your kind words and comments, I had no idea that this would receive so much love. For organizational purposes in the future (you can still download the current board things below the picture):
New Testament Study Guides
New Testament Pocket Printables (People, Places, Stories, Questions)
New Testament Inserts

I have been thinking a lot about how to best help my own family learn more about the New Testament. There will be so much more of our children's learning placed on us as parents than ever with just 2 hour church (YAY!) come January and the new curriculum for home-centered learning.

I asked feedback from several people on what to include on the board and if you have any ideas I'd love to help you create what you need. I created this for a project for school but I wanted to share with you all.

Did you know that you can get pocket-sized New Testaments? YES! I've ordered some for on the go and for the kids that don't have their own scriptures yet.

This project began as a way to teach Primary kids how to find scriptures. It seems we always spend more time with each helping them find the scriptures than actually reading the scriptures, but it's SO important for them to read from the scriptures. So I wanted to create a "pin the..." for a fun way to know how to find scriptures.

As the project morphed, I thought of using a large tri-fold board (28 inches x 40 inches) to incorporate everything and add some flannel to the back (thank you husband for that idea!) when we recreate the stories and to help protect the board so it will last.

Here's some pictures to give you an idea. Not everything is on the board because I ran out of ink. I'll update the post picture when I get the rest onto the board.

Supplies that you'll need:
- Printables
- Gospel Art Book
- Glue Stick
- Scissors
- Paper Slicer (optional)
- Contact Paper/ Laminator/Laminator Sheets
- Hole Punch
- Binder Rings
- Scrapbook paper/ letter envelopes (this is to make pockets for the people, places, stories, and study questions) - optional
- Felt (on the back) for character story telling

Included in the download is for the material in January.
Everything below is included in this download link.

For the Left Section: 
The binder rings have a bunch of study guides that I made in reading the Institute manual, David Ridges New Testament Made Easier, and the Bible Dictionary. Also on the binder rings are the Bible Maps that correlate with the New Testament (there are 3 of them)

My favorite of the study guides are the highlights. My husband asked for these to see all of the chapter summaries that you find on the when you click on the names of the different books. The boxes are from the summaries and then on the left, there's "fun facts" about the writer of the book (this information is from the Institute manual)
*Yes, I do intend to make a highlight page for each book of the New Testament.

Below the binder ring are the People, Places, Scripture Stories, and Study Questions from the New Testament. I think I'm going to make pockets out of scrapbook paper so I don't have to put more hooks on the board or just letter envelopes to hold them. This idea was a friend of mine's and I LOVED it. Again these are just the printables for January's scripture material. The questions come from the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families in both the family and individual sections. The Bible Dictionary was utilized in the descriptions below the names/places.

For the Middle Section:
I put the Gospel Art Book at the top so that it can just sit and turn pages. I haven't decided whether to glue/magnet tape/velcro it in, for now, it's just free-floating. The board still stands alone even with the weight of the book.

Just beside the Gospel Art Book is this handy information guide that I didn't know. This information is pulled for 3-4 different resources but for the most part it's from the Institute manual. I glued this right onto the board because it pertains to all of the New Testament.

On the bottom, I've enlarged two pages of the New Testament and created little "pins" of the different parts of the page. I'm really excited for this part to share with my Primary kids so that they can learn where to find their scriptures and what each part means. I intended it to be a "pin the tail on the donkey" type of thing but my kids have enjoyed just pinning them without a game involved.

The space between the "Pin it" and the Gospel Art Book, I'm thinking of putting a laminated page with our "Scripture Treasures". This was a suggestion in the Primary manual and I love it. It'll be a great way to highlight different scriptures that my kids like during our reading. I'm just going to print and laminate so that we can just use a dry erase marker and write our favorites throughout the week. I measured the space and so this printable is only intended for that space. If you want a full poster of just the scripture treasure go HERE.

For the Right Section:
I created a large stack of books with each of the books of the New Testament. I glued this to the board and I was thinking of using this in two ways. 1) Printing another one and having a game of matching as fast as they could each of the books by cutting the different books apart, 2) Coloring each book as we read them.

12/26 --- Poor Book of Luke is missing! OOPS! I'm fixing this and will update the link.

The Books have now been fixed. Please download the one that says _UPDATEDbooksof for the one with Luke in the stack.

On the back in the middle, my husband had the idea of putting felt/flannel so we can tell the stories from the New Testament. You can find some of my characters to go with the New Testament on Etsy.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Our Scripture Treasures Posters

In the Primary Come, Follow Me, it gives a suggestion for each week letting the kids share their "Scripture Treasure"(their favorite scripture from that weeks' reading). I love this idea and want to implement it in my own family so I've made a poster. I plan on gluing it to a poster board and then laminating it with contact paper so we can use a dry erase marker each week. It's available for download in 16x20, 11x14, and 8x10. (all downloads are included in the link below)

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Books of the New Testament Bingo

I'm so excited for these! For the week before the new year, our Primary class is going to go over the books of the New Testament, how to find scriptures in the scriptures, and other little tidbits to help them on their journey through the New Testament.

There are 10 different cards so you'll be sure to have plenty of variety. I've also included a fun little twist to help them memorize the books of the New Testament and their placement.

Friday, December 14, 2018

January Editable Newsletter

It's the middle of the month and time for next month's newsletter! I decided to use images from Bible Videos for each month this year. I've made the boxes a touch wider and will not be offering them without the image. You'll find both the color and black/white version in the single downloads for either PDF or Word. Enjoy and may you prepare for the new year gracefully! ;)

2019 Come, Follow Me Weekly Reminders

I am so excited about the new year and as I have gone through the new manual, I'm so excited to start delving into the New Testament with my family. I made these for myself but wanted to share them with you all. They are weekly reminder pages to put on the fridge or wherever of the chapters that we read each week and a large space to write down what is going to be discussed that week. I think it's going to be a great way to let more family members participate in what they want to discuss.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

2019 Primary Presidency & Music Leader Editable Planners

I wanted to keep the design this year simple so that it focuses on the Savior. I created a graphic of the Savior as He teaches His people.

Thank you all so much for your feedback on the planners. I take each comment to heart as I plan out the next year's planner to ensure that you get the most out of your planner. Please send me your feedback, I want to hear how you like your planner. (Etsy is the best and fastest way to contact me).

In the Presidency Planner:

There are 6 pages for each month, ready for you support your Music Leader and teachers, record Presidency Meetings, conduct Opening Exercises, and lots more.

Sections you'll find in this planner:
- Cover (There are 5 covers included this year that coordinate with one another)
- Monthly Dividers
- Monthly Calendar
- Month-at-a-glance
- Calling sheet with Primary events (birthdays, advancements, baptisms)
- Notes
- Presidency Meetings
- Plan for 2019 (Yearly)
- Remember for 2020 (Yearly)
- Primary Contact Sheet

You can see all the previews on Etsy.

In the Primary Music Leader Planner:

There are 3 pages for each month to help you plan for your Singing Time and a bunch of extra pages.

Sections in this planner:
- Cover (5 to choose from)
- Monthly dividers
- Monthly Calendar
- Weekly Planner and Ideas
- Sunday Schedule
- Year at a Glance
- Plan Ahead 2019
- Remember for 2020
- 5 pages of Notes

You can see more previews on Etsy.

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